Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Zokkomon" is a time pass movie

Cast: Darsheel Safary, Anupam Kher, Manjiri Fadnis

Director: Satyajit Bhatkal

Length: 1.50 hours approximately

After gaining many accolades in his very first film, Darsheel Safary tries something big and tough. How you wish he was benefited with better script and screenplay. ZOKKOMON tries to serve inspiration to its audience which is kids. But even kids may not sympathize with such story because even they might expect a better story. It is not a kind of unwatchable film but it never engages you in the life of its protagonist.

Spanned roughly 2 hours, it has its high points but it shares the negatives too. It never makes it mind whether it wants to be a typical superhero film or a sweet ending story. The first half is pretty decent where some moments lighten the mood, but its second hour where everything goes in poor shade. In-fact some lame portions test your patience. The main purpose why the film falls short is, the script and screenplay which sticks to a predictable part and you gets bored when your predictions goes right. Even Shankar Ehsaan Lloy’s music disappoints in already not-so-good film.

As I pointed earlier, ZOKKOMON is not a completely unwatchable film because the performances are well garnished. Darsheel Safary maintains the same confidence and he does a good work to pull the film out of the red marks. Anupam Kher lends excellent support and he stands erect in his act throughout the film. Manjiri Fadnis has good screen presence and she well utilizes it.

ZOKKOMON also benefits from sharp editing. Film is rightly timed and something added in film would have played a spoilsport. The visual effects are fabulous. It may not compare standards of Hollywood, but still it comes quite competitively.

For all you elder ones, this one is just not for you. Your child may like but you will search for pillows. It is a letdown in terms of entertainment because it seems their writers are not interested in anything rather than working hard on visuals. They might realize that the script and screenplay are back bones of each and every film. Satyajit Bhatkal depicts some good moments in the earlier half but when the story is such a defeat, even a real superhero cant save the flaws.

If you are a kid go and watch out without expecting anything big. It will disappoint if you expect king-size entertainment from your TZP hero. For you elder ones stay away from it. A healthy script and a nicer screenplay would have made ZOKKOMON special for kids. Put safely in the brackets of time pass movie.

Rating- 2/5

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