Thursday, 31 May 2012

Number of shows Rowdy Rathore gets- In comparison to some other contemporary films.

***Maxus Cinema: Bhayander, Mumbai Western:***

1.Ready- 21 shows
2. Bodyguard- 23 shows
3. 21 shows
4. Don2- 22 shows
5. Desi Boyz- 21 shows
6. Agneepath- 19 shows
7. Agent Vinod- 18 shows
8. Housefull 2- 21 shows
9. ROWDY RATHORE- 21 shows

***E-Square, Pune UR***

1.Ready- 18 shows
2. Bodyguard- 21 shows
3. Ra.One- 19 shows
4. Don2- 18 shows
5. Rockstar- 17 shows
6. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan- 16 shows
7. Agneepath- 15 shows
8. Agent Vinod- 12 shows
9. Housefull 2- 15 shows
10. ROWDY RATHORE- 12 shows

***Movietime: Raja Garden, Delhi***

1.Ready- 19 shows
2. Bodyguard- 22 shows
3. Ra,One- 20 shows
4. Don2- 21 shows
5. Desi Boyz- 22 shows
6. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan- 20 shows
7. Rockstar- 19 shows
8. Agneepath- 16 shows
9. Housefull 2- 20 shows
10. ROWDY RATHORE- 20 shows

***Big Cinemas, Solapur***

1.Ready- 7 shows
2. Bodyguard- 7 shows
3. Ra.One- 8 shows
4. Don2- 6 shows
5. Agneepath- 4 shows.
6. Housefull 2- 6 shows
7. Agent Vinod- 4 shows
8. ROWDY RATHORE- 7 shows

***Velocity, Indore***

1. Ready- 16 shows
2. Bodyguard- 17 shows
3. Ra.One- 16 shows
4. Don2- 16 shows
5. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan- 13 shows
6. Desi Boyz- 14 shows
7. Agneepath- 10 shows
8. Agent vinod- 10 shows
9. Housefull 2- 15 shows
10. ROWDY RATHORE- 15 shows

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Box office Predictions of ROWDY RATHORE

IPL is about to depart and as known a Big ticket Bollywood film is about to arrive- ROWDY RATHORE. One has immense expectations from this Akshay-Sonakshi starrer action-comedy because the music has strike the chord! It comes from Prabhu Deva who gave us a Blockbuster in WANTED in 2009. ROWDY RATHORE releases 1st June and its opening is surely to be big.

Opening day- 14.25cr

If word of mouth is Good,

Weekend 1 – 44cr

Week 1-69cr

Lifetime- 122cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1- 42.75cr

Week 1- 63cr

Lifetime- 90cr

If word of mouth is Bad,

Weekend 1- 41.5cr

Week 1- 55cr

Lifetime- 70cr

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sanket's review: "Department" is awfully bad!

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Rana daggubatti, Sanjay Dutt, Vijay raaz, Abhimanyu singh, Anjana Sukhani.

Director: Ram Gopal Verma

Length: 2.20 hours approximately.

Using cameras in his own ways, Ram Gopal Verma has his own elegance of directing his films. he likes to shake his scene with zany camera angles. Well, its interesting to the point but Ram Gopal Verma goes beyond zenith this time. The plot offers nothing new and the treatment is irritating, resulting in an awfully bad film. Smartness is something what DEPARTMENT should have looked for, but its dumb and silly. Some scenes, unintentionally, pushes laugh out of you.

The first half of the film is nothing less than watching a nightmare. One after the other unexciting action scenes are placed and without any glimpse of a story. Not a single sequence takes the story ahead, because the attention is kept on dialogues which Sanjay Dutt delivers with weird diction. As soon as Amitabh Bachchan makes his entry, there's some hope of something to happen, but that never happens! His opening scene is humorous but then it's simply not about the story. RGV gives you unnecessary knowledge about disguised intentions of Vijay Raaz's henchmen which adds to heights of boredom.  Also the intermission point is equally bad where Dutt and Rana shares some conversation which is far from even giving a teaser on what the second half will be. Upon that, there's couple of party dance in first half which are highly unappealing. What a terrible waste of time!

Second half has some countable good sequences, but even here the film isn't engaging because you learn that DEPARTMENT's story, for which you're waiting from the start, is very cliched and pedestrian. Double crossing, kidnapping, threatening is all what post-intermission contains. Not entirely bad, second half has couple of turns which raises some momentum but for restrictive period. But again in last 20 minutes, the film slows down and ends up with a very bad finale.

RGV's direction is poor and he manages to pull the film to 140 minutes despite of having such story and plot. For once, the film could have been at-least watchable had the director would have not messed up with the plot, because he creates too much of confusion by adding different characters. Music is poor, though, "Kammo" track is good. Not much on cinematography as there's nothing great in Mumbai which is not shown before. Dialogues are really bad and some are unintentionally funny. Also, Dutt delivers some of them in a very funny way which again makes comedy. Action scenes are nothing great because mostly are gun fights. The importance is much towards blood and gore rather than scripting and treatment!

Amitabh bachchan is the only appreciable one in the whole film. He has a good role to do, but sadly his role is very limited. Rana Daggubatti could have done a lot better especially because he has given such a sharp performance in DUM MAARO DUM. Sanjay Dutty fails miserably on all count. Vijay Raaz has some funny liners, but his role is very badly sketched. Rest all has limited scope and none of them leaves even modicum impression on viewers.

Its that kind of film where everything goes bad. It could have been a gripping fare if the story would have been well written and if GRV would have not spoiled with his poor strategy of using cameras. Watch it to challenge yourself!

Rating- 1.5/5 (Poor)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Ishaqzaade” connects on emotional ground.

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Gauhar Khan.

Director: Habib Faisal

Length: 2.20 hours approximately.

After making a heart-warming DO DOONI CHAAR, Habib is back with another outing ISHAQZAADE which celebrates love in its own ways. While the film has very young notes and energetic atmosphere, there’s also a purpose behind the story which director serves rightly! From start to culmination there’s a brisk pace that is well driven by director and keeps the momentum always high.

Director doesn’t spend his time by giving a special episode on the two protagonists and rather he develops the story within which the two characters are defined. It is terrific writing and sharp execution which runs wheel within wheel and makes up for engaging first half. The big turn right at intermission adds too much to positives. Parineeti’s character is wonderfully quoted and you literally go with her happiness. Though the love between the two birds happens quite conventionally, but the director never pushes the film in predictable bracket.

That brings me to the second half where director throws up few turns and keeps the film raveling at feverish pace. But to enjoy the second half of the film, one must be emotionally attached to the characters and there is where ISHAQZAADE remains very good, fortunately. ISHAQZAADE connects on emotional ground and that speaks for the credibility of Habib Faisal as director. Yes, there are scenes which come quite in sudden and make some hesitation, but then these glitches are saved by the acts of the leads. The finale is the only portion which will leave you thinking! You can’t figure out if you should be happy or sad for adverse reasons.

Habib Faisal’s imagination and his vision for ISHAQZAADE surely reflect in the film. The intimate scenes are very candid and Habib does it exceptionally well. The script plays huge supportive hand for what the film is. The way the characters are shaded must be applauded. Music is superb! “Pareshaan” and the soft “Ishaqzaade” is amazing. The cinematography plays vital player in setting up the atmosphere for the film.

When one speaks of ISHAQZAADE, first name that strikes mind is the leading lady Parineeti Chopra as Zoya who delivers extra-ordinary performance. It’s a very complicated role where she has to be rebellious, stubborn, sensitive, smart and just about everything. Arjun Kapoor has fantastic screen presence and he seems very confident in each of his scene. He is here to stay! Rest everyone does very well and honestly attempts there work.

ISHAQZAADE is enjoyable ride which has smart script and interesting way of execution. A film that constantly hits you emotionally and. Its easily the best film this year. It will be your loss if you miss Ishaqzaade.

Rating- 4/5 (Excellent)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good script, bad treatment!

I am naming those films which I thought had good script but failed on directional ground. The list is in no specific order.

HEROES (Samir Karnik)- If thought deeply, the script of the film was really, really interesting! The way the two guys set a trip to film a project on three different families was very innovative. But director ruined the film. First track of Salman and Preity was very good but later two were intolerable especially because they looked way too superficial and even the actors seemed very disinterested.

KITES (Anurag Basu)- Who would have dared to pen a story where the female protagonist don’t know any other language except Spanish! There was enormous passion for love (the climax says it), but Anurag Basu was not quite capable to bring it on celluloid efficiently. Also the treatment was too sober. I expected it to be fast and brisk, but it had a lazy pace.

MURDER 2 (Mohit Suri)- There were enough moments in the film where Suri tried his level best to make the film engaging, but he miserable failed because there are many scenes which are unimaginably dragged. Emraan Hashmi not believing in God was direct rip-off from his own AWAARAAPAN. The script was good because there were several turns in the film.

BADMAASH COMPANY (Parmeet Sethi)- Interesting on paper but boring on screen! I wonder why the director wasted his time Shahid Kapoor-Anupam Kher track! Also, instead of being youthful and happening the film refrained itself to filmy limits (the whole second half). The cons were written carefully and also executed well but second half was surely ailing, thanks to director’s failure.

AARAKSHAN (Prakash Jha)- Genuinely lost opportunity, I must say. I mean there were so many contrast characters in the film and Jha didn’t bother explaining a single character in detail. I mean, Amitabh Bachchan character was so complex. The film failed for me because I was not able to sympathize with the character Amitabh played. It could well be even writer’s fault but then Jha made the film repetitive post-intermission because every alternate scene was Amitabh teaching the students “Yeh toh easily done ho gaya”! If the film runs for 160 minutes I expect atleast one character that plays central role should be defined properly.

7 KHOON MAAF (Vishal Bhardwaj)- There was quite an interesting twist in last few minutes of the film, but by then I was so bored that even miracle would have not changed my perception. The problem here was that director stretched few stories to death like the John Abraham one or the one of that Russian man. Such films need to have momentum every second and the film lacked it. When it’s all about killing, the director doesn’t even show clearly the way they are killed.  

SARKAR RAJ (Ram Gopal Verma)- What a bore! RGV uses the same dark light and nails the film under that focus. Not a problem, but I wish RGV would have been more concerned about his work. To be honest, the script wasn’t an great one but at-least it had many good scenes written and also an twist in the tale (which RGV failed to keep unpredictable). Few scenes were really not necessary. King-size disappointment for me!

I will add more as I come to think of them.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Dangerous Ishhq” cringe you in embarrassment.

Cast: Karishma Kapoor, Rajneesh Duggal, Jimmy Shergil

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Length: 2.10 hours approximately

To scrutinize how patient you are, DANGEROUS ISHHQ is a good way to test it. You feel exhausted when you come out watching this film, and it’s quite like you have successfully performed a challenge thrown to you for sitting throughout DANGEROUS ISHHQ for its unforgivably long 2.10 hours duration. Yes 2.10 hours isn’t quite much, but going through the film’s script standard, 2.10 hours seems like 3 hours. Largely flawed and unmistakably boring, it’s a film which gives you hope of something to happen in next reel, but never ever that happens!

As a fantasy drama, the film has an incoherent script and dialogues which are done to death. Surprisingly even Bhatt’s execution seems to lack aesthetics of making the film. Both first and second half are equally annoying and unappealing. The plot structured itself is so conventional and convoluted, that it distracts the viewers to invest interest in the film. Even the finale is poorly written according to the standard of script. The only part where the film gathers momentum is in Punjab when partition is on run.

The explosions in the film are very usual and indifferent. HImesh Reshammiya’s music doesn’t work. Even the background score is loud and irritating. The script and screenplay are too poor for the film to start with. Bhatt’s direction has no particular spark and his direction doesn’t lift the poor script! Dialogues, as mentioned above, are very unintentionally funny.

If anything is to be boasted, then its Karishma Kapoor’s gorgeous look and her earnest act. Rajneesh Duggal’s expression is very artificial, and he does his act quite like acting. Rest Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutt is ordinary in their respective roles, or caricatures for that matter.   

DANGEROUS ISHHQ is colossally disappointing even with modest expectations. It cringe you in embarrassment and leaves you exhausted.  Watch it to know how bad a film can be!

Rating- 1.5/5 (Poor)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Causes and Consequences of “Single Screens Vanishing”!


1. Improvement in Standard of living/ Paying capacity increased.

2. More youth oriented films kicking in.

3. Families (Good contribution to business) prefer Multiplexes even for Mass oriented films.

4. Limited number of shows in Single screen, so chances is that tickets may get sold out too fast (Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ready, Wanted, Singham). Thus Multiplex is preferable because of numerous shows of each film.

5. High entertainment tax on single screen tickets (So if anyone wants to open a theater, multiplex is more suitable option.)


1. Multiplex ticket rates going higher and higher.

2. Scope for more multiplexes to built up.

3. Fall in footfalls (first benchers of single screen will refrain themselves from watching films at cinemas because of high multiplex ticket rate)

4. Wanted, Veer, Singham, Murder2 kind of films will see huge drop in the revenue as their theatrical business heavily depended on single screens.

5. Television Trp’s will heavily increase because of fall in footfalls. (High satellite prices)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Box Office Predictions of ISHAQZAADE

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra starrer ISHAQZAADE has made its place in heart of many people, thanks to soothing music and interesting promos. Directed by Habib Fasal (Do Dooni Chaar), ISHAQZAADE releases on 11th May against Karishma Kapoor’s DANGEROUS ISHQ. Lets predict what ISHAQZAADE may do at box office in all three cases!

Opening day- 3.25cr

If word of mouth is Good,

Weekend 1- 11.75cr

Week 1- 18.75cr

Lifetime- 30cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1- 11cr

Week 1- 16.25cr

Lifetime- 23cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1- 10.5cr

Weekend 1- 15cr

Week 1- 19cr

Sanket’s Review: “Jannat 2” concentrates on everything apart from script.

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Manish Chaudhary, Randeep Hooda

Director: Kunal Deshmukh

Length: 2.10 hours approximately

Even though not necessary, the dialogues have man cuss words trying to make it a crude impact. Unlike the prequel, JANNAT 2 has a weak script and the film seems quite careless about it. First 30 minutes of the film solely attends the way the protagonist stands his life. The director gives many episodes on what Emraan Hashmi’s role is all about. Frankly, JANNAT 2 would’ve been a washout if not for two spectacular performances.

First half manages to move quickly as the incidents have pace in them and also the love track is simple and amusing. The chase scene in the beginning is also very well shot and it puts you off the edge of your seat. Yes the boring songs pop up and bring halt in the story, but that isn’t a big problem as the other things are very good. The intermission part is exciting and has a turn in the tale, though quite predictable, thanks to the inefficiency of director to handle it. First half is entertaining and quite up to the mark.

Post-intermission the film stoops up to the bizarre level where the film loses its points in heavy equation. In-fact it’s shocking that the director keeps the film in depressed mode for such a long duration where the prequel was so energetic. The film manages to make its way in penultimate minutes where the film threw unpredictable filmy surprises just to roll the film in entertaining way.

In previous film, there was emotional connect which was very well handled, but here the emotional moments hardly pinches you. All said and done, JANNAT 2 is still watchable and enjoyable to an extent for two performances and superb dialogues. Dialogues have that massy feel and few dialogues are truly clap-worthy. The music is major disappointment and not a single song remains with you later. The script and screenplay as pointed before doesn’t give much focus. Kunal Deshmukh makes good effort apart from one part where he fails to keep a major turn as confidential. But Kunal handles the chase sequences exceedingly well.

Emraan Hashmi is excellent. It won’t be wrong to say he has pitched his career best performance after AWAARAAPAN. He just amazes in every scene. And then there’s Randeep Hooda’s act which matches with Emraan Hashmi. Both Emraan Hashmi and Randeep Hooda salvages the film. Esha Gupta is average. Rest all has very minimal scope.

JANNAT 2 concentrates on everything apart from script. The film should have had an smart script to keep the audience enticed. JANNAT 2 is decent in its own ways, thanks to Emraan Hashmi and Randeep Hooda’s performances and terrific dialogues.

Rating- 2.5/5 (Above Average)