Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Naughty @ 40" is charm-less comedy

Cast: Govinda, Uvika Choudhary, Sanjay Mishra, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam Kher

Director: Jagmohan Mundra

Length: 1.45 hours approximately

Watching approximately 2 hours long sex comedy NAUGHTY @ 40 gives you such a pain in your body that you feel you had a nightmare in those two hours. Embarrassing will be a very low profiled word to describe it because it deserves even more bad word. You don’t exactly know which the gag you should laugh at is. At times you try to be witty with the proceedings because you are graded with the feeling that you yourself have to pick some efforts to enjoy. But I am sure even that won’t happen.

The main problem lies in its discordant script that flies on such a slow motion, you wonder whether the film is 2 hours or 4 hours! Trust me; comedy has never been so flat on its portions. Screenplay is hardly written because the emotions and comedy is misbalanced. It tries to be buoyant at end when your endurance has already been examined. You wait for some jokes till the end and you come across a charm-less comedy. Noisy characters are introduced in first half where Govinda is in hunt for some romance in legal mannerisms. Even Jagmohan’s direction is badly done with and that disturbs already poor film. But the thing which is most violent to viewers are the dialogues. The dialogue writer picks one word and stretches 3-4 lines for next 10 seconds. And it is at-least 20 times done in this 2 hours long film.

The biggest investigation you do in throughout the film is how an super comic timing actor like Govinda lends support to such an soulless script! We do understand that comedies are made even without proper script but this one has no stamp of fun. Watching actor like Govinda playing frustrating character make you feel pity on his part. At the end all you wish was there was at-least few original jokes! None of the jokes are self made because the director rips his double sensed jokes from comedies like MASTI and TOM DICK AND HARRY. But these ripped of jokes looks deterrent piece of work. Even film like TOM DICK AND HARRY has to bear insult because their jokes are depicted in such an boring picture.

Now I don’t draw any positives here. Govinda disappoints because the viewers expect him to be good in his act, but he just gives some expressions which had seen many a times. His act is just ordinary and some times boring. But one person who brings violent streaks in your bones while watching her on screen has to be Uvika Choudhary. Seeing her portraying sweet girl is nothing short of torture. She easily describes what worst act is! And for that, she won’t mind if she is blessed with worst performance award. If she would have been edited from this film, I am sure the graph of bad frustration would have been less on your face. Anupam Kher is irritating while Shakti Kapoor is wasted. Sanjay Mishra have nothing to do in this film other than hanging with some puerile humored jokes.

Stay miles away from it. It is a pedestrian comedy that cannot even plagiarize the jokes convincingly. Packed with full of loop holes and poor music, NAUGHTY @ 40 is silly pointed film where jokes are juvenile, performances are dull, script and screenplay are in worst format, direction is slopped and you are betrayed on the name of comedy. This film ranks amongst worst film of this year so far and remember we are just in April.

Rating- 1/5

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