Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Jodi Breakers”- Madhvan is the only brightness in this otherwise mediocre film.

Cast: Bipasha Basu, R.Madhvan, Dipanita Sharma, Milan Soman, Helen, Mrinali Sharma, Omi Vaidya

Director: Ashwini Chaudhary

Length: 2.10 hours approximately

Loosely borrowed from BAND BAAJA BAARAAT, JODI BREAKERS is one such film which could’ve been so much more, but alas it’s just a tiny one! JODI BREAKERS has an interesting plot, and the director also creates intensity for the story, but the problem is he fails to maintain the same. The film is bound with fresh locales of Greece, Bipasha’s glamour, intimacy, but it has too little in the story and direction department. What disappoints is, it’s a chance gone waste!

The first half of the film is so boring that you wonder, what are actors like R.Madhvan and Biapasha doing in this film! The first half kicks too much on Omi Vaidya’s unfunny jokes, thanks to failure in direction, and some of his jokes add to irritation. Also the scene before intermission when the protagonists are intoxicated is quite a stretched scene and it is done to death. Not even half-moderate first half, its shocking that JODI BREAKERS had turned this bad! Though there’s a slight twist at the interval point but that didn’t add anything to the dreadful first hour.

You cannot expect bumper speed-up in pace post-intermission because you know what will happen! Surprisingly, though the second half is predictable, it doesn’t disappoint you thoroughly. In-fact the second half slowly gets extremely engaging and keeps you hooked with many turns in the story. The showdown of the film is finale which is quite like a daily soap episode, but its very engaging climax. You do not care if the post-intermission portions are good or bad, because you had already lost interest in it, thanks to deathly slow first half. Still for engrossing last 30 minutes in Goa, JODI BREAKERS saves itself from disaster!

R.Madhvan is the guy who potentates the show and much of emphasis is on his role. This guy doesn’t know how to shake his body for a dance number, but he quite knows how to portray his I-am-cool character. In-fact whenever he arrives on screen, he seems to enjoy himself in this role and helps to make his character likeable. He is the only brightness in this otherwise mediocre flick.  Bipasha Basu isn’t bad, but neither shines which she should have! Her item song is very boring and the choreography is quite lame. Also she is quite unimpressive in emotional scenes and that drunkard scene pre-intermission. Omi Vaidya tries too hard, but he is saddled by a weak role. Dipanita Shrama does very well where as Milind Soman hardly makes difference.

The music of the film is tedious. The Kunwara and Darmiyaan track are fine but rest is just boring. The cinematography is fabulous and it captures many wonderful locations of Greece which are treating for the eyeballs. Ashwini’s direction is sloppy and she is responsible for the slackened first half. The story is quite ordinary though the screenplay does have few engaging moments in second half.

Watch it for R.Madhvan who never disappoints, though the film does. Its so corny in first half that you desperately need a pillow and a blanket. Thanks for a face-saving second half and R.Madhvan who lifts the film to an extent. Strictly, Average!

Rating- 2/5 (Average)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Tere Naaal Love Ho Gaya” delivers what it promises!

Cast: Ritesh Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh, Om Puri. 

Director: Mandeep Kumar 

Length: 2.10 Hours approximately 

When you spend your hard earned money on films, then all you expect from the film is good time. You enter in theater hoping that this film doesn’t disappoint and considers the value of money. TERE NAAAL LOVE HO GAYA, this week’s new film is one such film which rubs 2.10 hours on a pedestrian plot, but manages to evoke plenty laughs. The film has no basic agenda except “only entertainment.”

The director dumps story in a dustbin and randomly picks up some scenes which somehow fits in narration, but they are funny nonetheless. With Dearth of any modicum logic, and traffic of bizarre situations, TERE NAAAL LOVE HO GAYA is surprisingly breezy time-pass.  The director doesn’t waste time by spoon-feeding about his characters. Instead he jumps into the mad-cap story from very beginning. The marriage sequence where Ritesh’s role arrives to claim his money back from Genelia’s father is one of the hilarious scenes which are sure to bring the house down. Soon after the kidnapping, the film goes as crazy as it could. The best part about the film is that, it celebrates its stupidity. The first half isn’t flawless, thanks to the songs appearing from nowhere.  

The romantic angle is stapled in second half where everything suddenly becomes subtle. Also the family drama in final few minutes leaves sour taste. The drama sequence between Om Puri and Ritesh Deshmukh is silly and clich├ęd. But the film gets right on place when the couple is about to get together.  

Also the romantic songs are filmed very conventionally which looks like picked up from old films. The music is good. The best track remains “O re Piya.” Also the Atif Aslam track in the ending credit is very impressive. Though the Veena Mallik song fails to create energetic atmosphere!  The dialogues are catchy and well delivered. Mandeep Kumar has made a good film. His execution is top-notch when it comes to comedy. 

Ritesh Deshmukh has likeable presence and he utilizes it very efficiently. Genelia’s over the top character is played convincingly by her. But her character’s emotional set-up looks fake and thus brings no spark in the dramatic portion. But she does amazingly well in comic portions. Note her in that scene, in which she does a seductive dance at a petrol spot just to con the owner. It particularly displays her energy. Om Puri has some wonderful dialogues and his diction is too funny. He remains the respite when the film is just about to fall. 

TERE NAAAL LOVE HO GAYA scores its maximum points in comedy. The film as a whole is entertaining and a stress-buster ride. It delivers what it promises which leaves you satisfied. If you don’t mind those old conventional rom-coms, then this one’s for you. 

 Rating- 3/5 (Good)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Box Office Predictions of Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

24th February's another release is the comic-romance TERE NAAL LVE HO GAYA directed by Mandeep Kumar. The film stars Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'souza. This film clashes with JODI BREAKERS. The music of TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA didn't do well, so no high expectations in terms of box office numbers..

Opening day- 2.25cr

If word of mouth is good,

Weekend 1- 8cr

Week 1- 12.2c5cr

Lifetime- 21cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1- 7.25cr

Week 1- 11cr

Lifetime- 15cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1- 7cr

Week 1- 9.75cr

Lifetime- 12cr

Box Office Predictions of Jodi Breakers

After a super-successful TANU WEDS MANU, R.Madhvan is back exactly a year after with a new outing called JODI BREAKERS. Along with him also stars Bipasha Basu, OMi Vaidya and the film is directed by Ashwini Chahudhary. The film is clashing with Ritesh-Genelia's TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA. The film releases on 24th February 2012. Lets predict the box office numbers..    

Opening day- 2cr   

 If word of mouth is good,    

Weekend - 7.25cr   

 Week 1- 11.25cr    

Lifetime- 20cr    

If word of mouth is mixed,    

Weekend - 6.75cr    

Week 1- 10cr    

Lifetime- 14.5cr   

 If word of mouth is bad,    

Weekend- 6.5cr    

 Week 1- 9.25cr   

 Lifetime- 11.5cr

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Ekk Deewana Tha” demands too much of endurance.

Cast: Prateik Babbar, Amy Jackson

Director: Gautham Menon

Length: 2.20 hours approximately

Nothing above a typical love story, EKK DEEWANA THA is one of the silliest films in recent times. The film has no aim where to conclude and if to conclude, then how to! The director drags a routine story to incredible 2.20 hours and culminates with a shocking end. What was he thinking remains a wonder! As the end does not justify the whole story. Though not exactly a bad film, but not even a half-decent one. The film lasts for undeserving long period of time and gets pretentious most of the times. The romantic episodes between the weird couple are very repetitive and uninteresting.

Director shapes away the first half with some good one-liners and funny conversations between the protagonist and his senior friend. Also the proceedings have its heart in the right place. Yes, the director unnecessarily adds songs to the story like the one which is choreographed in a hip-hop version. That particular song comes from nowhere in the story and gives the feelings of a random dance competition show. Despite of few here and there, the first half manages to be entertaining and very imaginable.

Its second half where the story goes bizarre leaving the audience blank with what’s going! Rahman’s music is used in bulk which disturbs the flow. In-fact half of the story is folded under Rahman’s songs and music. The film has an unexpected end which does bring some interest, but it’s too late to change the feedback on the final outcome. The second half is slow will be an understatement, but it also demands too much of endurance from viewers.

A.R.Rahman’s music is pretty average if we scrutinize through his fantastic standard. “Hosana” track is very soothing, though the same cannot be said for remaining track. The script is surrounded by plenty loop holes which only reduces the director’s execution. Gautham Menon as a director could have done better, especially in second half.

Prateik Babbar’s acting hardly impresses. He does well in few scenes, but overall he is much below the par. Notice him in that scene where he is physically confronting 4-5 goons in a cricket ground. You can see his uncomfortable moves and his less than average expressions. Amy Jackson looks million bucks, but her acting needs to get polished. She isn’t bad, but needs to be much better.

EKK DEEWANA THA has its moments in first half, but gets very boring post-intermission. The drama between the leads never builds up, nor does the story agrees to step ahead, resulting in an average film, thanks to a well made first half! Watch it, if you really have to.

Rating- 2/5 (Average)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Box Office Predictions of EK DEEWANA THA

Another love story! Its been just last friday that we had Shakun Batra's love story "Ek Main AUr ekk Tu" and now its EK DEEWANA THA starring Prateik Babbar, Amy Jackson. The film is directed Gautham Menon and the film releases this 17th February. The music have impressed the audience and city youth looks interested in film. Lets predict how the film will fare..

Opening Day- 1.75cr

If The word of mouth is good,

Weekend 1- 7cr

Week 1- 11cr

Lifetime- 18cr

If worfd of mouth is mixed,

Weekend - 6.5cr

Week - 9.75cr

Lifetime- 12.5cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend - 6cr

Week 1- 8.75cr

Lifetime- 11cr

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu” is formulaic popcorn flick.

Cast: Imran Khan, Kareen Kapoor, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah, Ram Kapoor.

Director: Shakun Batra

Length: 1.50 hours approximately.

After watching this fresh faced rom-com named EK MAIN AUR EKK TU, I am almost convinced that Indian rom-coms will be made only on one same old formula. Every director who attempts at rom-com will have to use that basic formula to make an happening love story. This film is no exception. The director’s nuances about love stories are very clear. From what he has made in this film, one can easily figure out what exactly he was trying to make. But its different point that he have missed the bus by tiny inches.
The film begins on a striking note which serves you the knowledge about out male protagonist who is brought up under a high profiled family. Such Family, which never concerns if their son is alright in his personal life, but they care hell lot about which tie their son should wear. Its really funny note and the film embark with more and more jokes. In-fact, the first half is superb where everything happens quite briskly. The director has strong hold on the humorous conversation between the leads. The direction is truly sharp in first half and that adds too much to the positives. Point at that interval sequence; Its not only funny but also meaningful and gives you the impression of love.

The script slackens soon in second half when the conflict arises between the protagonists. The writers frequently try to pioneer their script by exposing different kind of emotions, but sadly, all emotions are seen aplenty times before. Notice that scene in second half where Imran Khan bursts out his anger and frustration regarding his parents and their dream-world about their kid. That scene is so dragged that you feel exhausted. Even the end, is quite normal and hits the wrong beat.

Amit Trivedi’s music is very soothing and very well brought in the film. Be it title track or “Gubbare” or “Aunty Ji” and even the silent “Aahatein”, it all goes wheel within wheel with the rhythm. The cinematography is jaw-dropping. The locales add too much of freshness and supports the film in giving that ultra cool look. Shakun Batra is a fine director, and has potential to notch ahead. He handles some scenes to the perfection. Note that scene when Imran Khan is introduced to Kareena’s family. That scene particularly is not only hilarious but also makes you greedy to have such family. The writing dives downhill post-interval portions.

Imran Khan is excellent in this film. He expresses everything so efficiently that you get too close to his character. It’s a power-house performance and undoubtedly his best one. Kareena Kapoor match perfectly with Imran Khan and the chemistry sparks! But supporting cast is disappointing- Ratna Pathak Shah, Boman Irani and Ram Kapoor. Infact, the family of Kareena Kapoor does very good, but has very few to do.

Its your formulaic pop-corn rom-com which entertains you in bulk for the first half. Though the second half does have blemishes, but overall it’s a sweet and happening story between the terrific couple. Go and just place yourself in a seat and enjoy the ride with popcorn, cola and a love story.

Rating- 3/5 (Good)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Box Office Predictions of EK MAIN AUR EKK TU

This valentine, there's exposure of a new novel pairig of Imraan Khan-Kareena Kapoor in an rom-com EK MAIN AUR EKK TU which is an official remake of "What Happened in Vegas". The film is set to release on 10th February.

Opening Day- 7cr

If the film has good word of mouth,

Weekend 1- 23.75cr

Week 1- 38cr

Lifetime- 60cr

If the film has mixed word of mouth,

Weekend 1- 22.75cr

Week 1- 34.5cr

Lifetime- 48cr

If the film has bad word of mouth,

Weekend 1- 22cr

Week 1- 30.75cr

Lifetime- 38cr

Sanket’s Review: “Gali Gali Chor Hai” is imaginable and very well executed film.

Cast: Akshay Khanna, Satish Kaushik, Mugdha Godse, Shriya Saran, Annu Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Vijay Raaz, Rajat Rawail.

 Director: Rumy Jaffry.

 Length: 1.50 hours approximately.

 Films based on corruption isn’t a new thing served in Bollywood. In 2010, we had Akshay Kumar’s “Khatta Meetha” which was a comic drama which was based on corruption faced by a common man. This year we have Rumy Jaffry’s “Gali Gali Chor Hai” a comic satire on corruption faced by a common man. It’s a film that has its heart in the right place. Its very vital for a director to know in which way the film has to be made. Even here, the film could have been brought up in serious and intense atmosphere, but the director chooses the rather way and serves us the film with comic flavor. Here is where, the film strikes chord. Come to think of it, it is not easy to catch the eyeballs for serious issues and its not easy for any maker to keep audience hooked in a dark, intense premise of film.

GALI GALI CHOR HAI is set in Bhopal and the director uses the specialties of this place and puts the film very well in its atmosphere. The director ensures that the pace never takes a halt and thus it helps to be within the wheel of the film. The director adds a funny plot where protagonist’s wife doubts her husband of having extra marital affair. This plot doesn’t rise serious as it is set just to bring the smiles and laughs and the director succeeds in bringing them. The plot may seem very notorious for a film set on corruption, but the director finds a way to bring comedy and drama under one roof.

Both halves of the film are kept balanced and gives us seldom chance to complaint. Ofcourse, the director should’ve done away with songs like the romantic song in between or the item number of Veena Mallik. Just as every film has its flaw, even this film has to tolerate it. Also the sharp editing helps the film to remain in tone and thus the film ends as staggeringly entertaining one. Yes, but the film should have had a more staunch end like it should have some powerful dialogues and a very hitting monologue from our protagonist. But, here the film ends quite in a simple end which seems like a tame end.

All said and done, despite it has some silly setbacks, it still is an imaginable and very well executed film. Rumy Jaffry scores extra points for his direction and he ensures that his ensemble cast does a very good job. The music is not good except the title track by Kailash Kher. The film is penned in a smart way and it’s a thumbs up to the script as well as screenplay writers. Rumy Jaffry’s direction gets extremely enhanced because of a terrific script and screenplay. It’s a great work by this off-screen team. Bhopal is very well captured and helps for the real feel.

Akshaye Khanna once again embarks with an stupendous performance. Pick any of his scene, and his natural act will definitely dwell on you. Both, Shriya Saran and Mugdha Godse does very good acting. Satish Kaushik does a wonderful job. He excels in last 15 minutes. Annu Kapoor deserves special mention for his acting, and more importantly for his entry scene. Rest all does well and supports the film.

It’s a very unique and engaging comic-satire which deserves a watch. Everyone associated with the film has done very honest work which reflects in the product. What makes the film more engaging are the inherent characters and sensible execution of the topic.

Rating-3.5/5 (Very Good)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Box Office Predictions of GALI GALI CHOR HAI

Its been long time we have seen Akshaye Khanna in a film. In this week's new film, GALI GALI CHOR HAI, Akshaye Khanna will be leading the screen with Mugdha Ghodse and Kajal Aggarwal directed by Rumy JaFfry (God Tusi Great Ho, Life Partder). The film is releasing on 3rd FEBRUARY 2012. The film almost has zero buzz.

Opening day- 1.75cr

If the film has good word of mouth,

Weekend- 6.75cr

Week 1- 11.25cr


If the film has mixed word of mouth,

Weekend- 6.25cr

Week 1- 9.75cr

Lifetime- 13cr

If the film has bad word of mouth

Weekend - 5.75cr

Week 1- 8.5cr

Lifetime- 10cr