Monday, 30 April 2012

Best of 2010 (Actress)

5. Neetu Singh (Do Dooni Chaar)- As a middle class wife of a School teacher, this lady gave us an amazing character in DO DOONI CHAAR. Her expressions were damn real and even the character written for her complemented her. Notice the scene where she has to sell off her ornaments to perform the formal function of marriage. She displays her sorrow and “I am happy” with sheer perfection. It’s a great work!

4. Kareena Kapoor (We Are Family) - Kareena Kapoor as an helpless girlfriend to a married father was a terrific attempt by her. She had many shades of act in that film and she carried it effortlessly. The way she takes care of the children or the way she convinces her boyfriend that she want to meet his children- everything is just amazing. Kareena Kapoor saved We Are Family from many clutches.

3. Vidya Balan (Ishqiya)- As the sexy and seductive Krishna, Vidya Balan’s role demanded too much of audacity from her, and Vidya Balan sinks herself in the role and does her job within the sync of the character. The way she impressed Naseeruddin or the way she gets seduced to Arshad its all done spectacularly.

2. Aishwarya Rai (Guzaarissh)- One hell of a spell-binding act, Aishwarya Rai’s best work till date. The scene where she argues against Shernaz Patel is easily one the best scenes that year. In the film she enacts her sorrow, her careful attitude, her depression all with aplomb. She displays sheer confidence and also looks gorgeous in each frame.

1. Deepika Padukone (Lafangey Parindey)- Not with quite much distance, Deepika places herself on top spot. Genuinely superb, her role was so smartly played by deepika that one needs to pat on her back. You feel her pan, her aggression, her happiness! She maintains her spirit throughout the film and it wont be wrong in saying she easily ruled the whole film.

Special Mention- Anushka Sharma (Band Baaja Baaraat), Vishaka Singh (Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey), Kajol (My Name Is Khan), Shernaz Patel (Guzaarissh), Neha Dhupia (Phas Gaya Re Obama)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Best of 2010 (Actors)

5. Arshad Warsi (Ishqiya)- As a crude thief Arshad had sparkling screen presence. His rowdiness was very effective and at same side he also does a marvelous in the scene where seduces Vidya Balan. It’s a riveting act from Arshad and he remains one of the best things in the film.

4. Hritik Roshan (Guzaarissh)- In a depressing and not so happening film there was a silver line in the film and the face saving element of the film and that is the protagonist Hritik Roshan who packs himself as a paralyzed illusionist. His anger, his fun side, his wittiness and most importantly his pain, everything is so perfectly displayed that you cannot ignore him for a second in this film.

3. Salman Khan (Dabangg)- In my books this has been Salman Khan’s best performance of his career and there’s huge difference between his this one and the runner-up performance by him. Right from his look to his movements, Salman Khan did a perfect job. The major reason for such a surprise act by Salman according to me is because he has enjoyed himself while acting and has been quite candid with whatever he has done. And it was a role which no-one would have done it as efficiently as the Khan does.

2. Shahrukh Khan (My Name Is Khan)- The role SRK plays in this film is the most challenging and demanding role in recent times. SRK is in sync and he excels in every second. Notice him in the scene where Kajol agrees up to marry him- his shy, his happiness, his joy everything is outstandingly enacted. His dialogue delivery was another master stroke. This one is SRK’s best no doubt in his whole career. Bravura!

1. Ronit Roy (Udaan)- As a stringent dad, Ronit Roy has done his work honestly. Terrific in a word! He does his work so amazingly that he creates a violent feeling inside the viewer against him and that’s exactly what was required to get the film on right track. Ronit Roy’s confidence was clear and he seemed very much in the character. Two big thumbs and It did not really took me time to choose the best one.

Special Mention- Raghubir Yadav (Peepli Live) as nattha’s brother, Rajat barmecha (Udaan), Hritk Roshan (Kites), Manu Sharma (Phas Gaya Re Obama), Ranbir (Raajneeti), Manoj bajpai (Raajneeti), Ajay devgn (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai), Rishi kapoor (Do Dooni Chaar)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Box Office Predictions of JANNAT 2

After the super success of Jannat in 2008, the makers have come up with its sequel. Jannat did business of 31cr four years back and Jannat 2 has possible chance to doube it with this year. The film stars Esha gupta, Emraan Hashmi and it is directed by Kunal Deshmukh. Let predict..

Opening Day- 7.75cr

If word of Mouth is Good,

Weekend- 26.5cr

Week 1- 40.5

Lifetime- 68cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend- 25.5cr

Week 1- 36.75cr

Lifetime- 53cr

If word of mouth is Bad,

Weekend- 25cr

Week 1- 35cr

Lifetime- 45cr

Friday, 27 April 2012

Sanket's Review: "Tezz" is absorbing action-thriller.

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Boman Irani, Anil kapoor, Sameera Reddy, Mohanlal, Zayed Khan, Kangana Ranaut.

Director: Priyadasrhan

Length: 2 hours approximately

In TEZZ, there are so many Indians everywhere that you fail to understand if its London or India, The officers could crack their ego just to overshadow another officer and this all takes place when the question is about uncountable lifes, The bomber is recognized because he is abusing. Now all this seems too damn cheesy. Upon that you have a story which makes you wonder if the director even had a script before he actually started up direction! The plot is so contrived and conventional that leaves you thinking how such big faces has agreed upon this story! Well, the answer is the director Priyadarshan who has experience of largest extent in film-making. The way Priyan presents you TEZZ, you remain surprised that how you got engaged in the film despite it has so many bloopers.

The first half of TEZZ is boring and hugely pointless to be honest. The director doesn't even bother to spend five minutes in giving details about why these three are bombing! When the question remain unanswered, you fail to give any sympathy to the characters. The director tries his level best to keep the pace on high level, but he misses out as there's no story to cover up. Though there are few good scenes in first half like that chase scene of Sameera Reddy just before the intermission or that intense argument between Boman Irani and Anil Kapoor! 

But if TEZZ is overall an absorbing action-thriller than credit it to a riveting and amazing second half which never let your eyes flip! Stunningly executed and briskly paced the second hour gives you many edge-off-the-seat moment. Also the story actually starts revolving in the film pot-intermission. The climax looks bit quite filmy, but still it has convincing end. Second half enhances the level of TEZZ's efficiency.

"Laila" and "Tere Bina" lands up in first half when already the things are not so good for the film. The cinematographer deserves accolades for his fantastic job. Priyadarshan as expected does brilliant job. The way film was scripted, it could've gone worsen if not given in hands of talent like Priyan. Kudos! the action scenes are superb, but the scene which stands out is the chase scene between Anil kapoor and Zayed Khan after the interval. That particular scene has so much of intensity that it force you to spare many of the film's misgivings.

Boman Irani shines away in his role. he has been given too much of screen space in first half and he rocks it. Ajay Devgn does good job but his role was too dull. Anil Kapoor as officer portrays his part convincingly. Sameera Reddy, Zayed Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Mohanlal all has very little to do. Its pleasure watching Mohanlal on screen. Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy aren't quite good, where Kangana is decent.

TEZZ has an strictly average first half, but excellent second half which makes up for a good film all together. Also it has three good performances to its positives and also some really heartening chase sequences with terrific action parts. The film may have dearth of any logic, especially in first hour, also it may not convince you to have sympathy with the bombers, but then the positives side of the film is too bright which pushes TEZZ on a higher notch. If good two hours of entertainment is your demand, then TEZZ will surely supply it. 

Rating- 3/5 (Good)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Hate Story” is a fine revenge story.

Cast: Paoli Dam, GulshanDevaiya, Nikhil Dwivedi
Director: VivekAgnihotri
Length: 2.10 hours approximately
HATE STORY which is a sex thriller has a riveting and edge of the seat scenes and some really bold ones as well. The director has brought the blend of both sex and thriller in a fine way, but only one wishes if they had a good script in hands. The film is entirely stressed totally on the female lady who is ready to give up anything just to take revenge from a rich and successful businessman who ruined his life because she took a picture of him while receiving money from a person.

The director doesn’t give a single second to spoon-feed the characters, when there are plenty of them. This is a bright point, but the script meanders as the film gets more and more intense. The direction is sharp, but his execution is saddled because of a weak script. HATE STORY should’ve been unpredictable and briskly paced, but its actually just a fine revenge story where, thanks to a sterling performance by its leading lady.

There are few wonderful scenes which are nail-biting. Like that chase scene between the goons and Nikhil Dwivedi towards the finale or the scene where Paoli seduces the cabinet minister in rain. The director has the nuances and he knows how exactly the scene should be. The film ends with a twist, which doesn’t really surprise but leaves you with sour taste. Frankly, the twist in the last scene was really not mandatory.

Although it runs for modest 2.10 hours, the editing should’ve been sharper especially in first half where the conversation between the two fighters takes place very slowly. The bold scenes are fantastically shot and are well used. The music doesn’t have any scope. Delhi is captured in a dark way.

Paoli dam does a very good job and helps the film to rescue from many of the lapses. GulshanDevaiya lacks any acting gene, and unfortunately he has been prioritised too much than he should’ve been. His stammering is unintentionally funny and that makes a caricature out of him. Nikhil Dwivedi has countable scenes and the material written for him has very few sparks.

HATE STORY isn’t more than just a decent flick. A good story would’ve made the difference. It has its blemishes and positives, but the later part has more strength. Watchable once!
Rating- 2.5/5 (Above Average)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Vicky Donor” is breezy fun.

Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Annu Kapoor, Yaami gautam, Dolly Ahluwalia, Kamlesh Gill

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Length: 2.05 hours approximately

When a novel concept is brought on celluloid, what you expect is the film to run on the same concept and not to fall in trap of old clich├ęd drama or love story. VICKY DONOR, this week’s new film is a film that clicks that mistake and refrains itself from being more entertaining. Though its film that has hearty laughs and some terrific one liners, but what actually ails is it could’ve been so much more fun.

To the story there are many character involved and to the center of story is Ayushman Khurana who is forced to donate his sperms. Funny and brisk, the film doesn’t even give time to breathe for first 40 minutes or so. As soon as the film dives in the romantic era it gives away with its jokes, but still the film has its hold on pace. The first half though lengthy, is still entertaining and satisfying to expectation.

Post-intermission the clutches starts raining in story and film heads for a new era. Here, the film loses its maximum charm and suffers from a weak screenplay that brings in few unanswered questions as well. Not entirely troubled, the second half has good moments like the one in climax or the way the Punjabi and Bengali ties relationship. Though the issue of sperm donation seems funny, the director successfully drops it in emotional bank and delivers a heartwarming climax.

The music is very good. “Paani Da” and “Rum Whisky” are best among the lot. The cinematography is good. The script is good, but it’s the screenplay that lacks efficiency to keep audience hooked in the plot. Dialogues are superb and bring genuine laughs. The director Shoojit Sircar keeps the film on very good level, but thanks to a less than good second half which lags somewhere in the middle of it.

But, but, but if you’re not complaining about the film much, then gift it to the performers of the film. Ayushman Khurana excellently emotes himself in his complicated character. He has spunk, he has confidence, and above all he knows how to utilize it. Not even for a second you feel that he is acting for the first time. He is terrific to be precise. Annu Kapoor has good material and he sincerely does his work. His conversations with Ayushman are very funny in beginning.  Yammi Gautam acts extremely well. Dolly Ahluwalia and Kamlesh Gill adds lots of fun to the film. Their conversations are damn funny, and these two brings house down for few times.

VICKY DONOR is breezy fun which offers you a story of a guy who is forcefully donating sperm and then what consequences he has to go through for hiding it. Deeply sincere and fun from outlook, VICKY DONOR definitely delivers good two hours to its viewers. The shortcomings are largely excused because of terrific performance from the cast, especially Ayushman who throws up delightful surprise. Go for it.

Rating- 3/5 (Good)

Box Office Predictions of TEZZ

TEZZ releasing on 27th April is an action-thriller directed by Priyadarshan. The film stars Kangana Ranaut, Zayed Khan, Ajay Devgn, Sameera Reddy, Anil Kapoor and Boman Irani. Sadly the film will face not a good opening as the promos and music is very cold. Also it has just one week as JANNAT 2 will turn up very next week on 4th May which is a huge competition. Lets predict what TEZZ can do at ticket window…

Opening Day- 4cr

If word of mouth is Good,

Weekend- 14.5cr

Week 1- 23cr

Lifetime- 35cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend – 14cr

Week 1- 21cr

Lifetime- 27cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend- 13.5cr

Week 1- 19.5cr

Lifetime- 24cr

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Bittoo Boss” is pedestrian and corny.

Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak, Ashok Pathak

Director: Supavitra Babul

Length: 2.05 hours approximately

Annoying to the core and boring to death, BITTOO BOSS has no feather of aiming high. The plot that film catches up is interesting to be honest, but the way the film has been executed, it’s really disappointing. The film begins up with marriage ceremony where the Video shooter arrivers and claims to spread happiness in marriage. But his life takes a turn when he is been insulted by his friend for being a roadside videographer.

The first half of BITTOO BOSS isn’t that bad because you are interested to know what actually the protagonist is doing. Blame it to writers who fail to put any such moments where the drama is high voltage. The scene where Pulkit Samrat breakdown is the only scene in first half, or rather whole film, which you can remember even after the show, is ended. That particular scene is poignant portion and Pulkit Samrat does it with sheer energy and displays exact expressions.

Post-intermission the plot goes so bizarre that you wonder what exactly the film is trying to portray. The director fails to bring contact between two plots- one being the love story, and other being Bittoo’s aims. And here is where the film melts down as badly executed film. The film importantly lacks director’s view and also screenplay which has loop holes in dozen. The emotional set-up in the two stories that Bittoo shoots up with hidden camera is largely superficial.

Music is ordinary. The only track works is the title one which has energy. Rest all is mediocre. The cinematography definitely brings the northern feel and serves beautiful locations of Shimla as well.

Pulkit Samrat has confidence in his act, but though he should stress more on his diction. Amita Pathak is alright. Ashok Pathak has few funny liners and he does it well.
It ails you to see that a good plot is treated so heavily bad and makes the film a pedestrian and corny one! Even at its modest time run of 125 minutes, BITTOO BOSS fails to hook the attention. It’s a film which is clumsy and loosely handled resulting in boring and forgettable experience. Thumbs Down!

Rating- 1.5/5 (Poor)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Housefull 2” is rollicking entertainment.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandes, Shreyas Talpade, Rishi Kapoor, Asin Thotumkal, Ritesh deshmukh, Johnny Lever, Shahzn Padamsee, John Abraham, Boman Irani, Johnny Lever, Mithun Chakraborthy, Chunkey Pandey, Randhir kapoor.

Director: Sajid Khan

Length: 2.45 hours approximately  What do you expect in a sequel of a bizarre comedy? Simple- More bizarreness! And Khan delivers it without doubt. Its not an easy task to bring some 15 characters in one story and derive comedy with a story. Agreed, the story is simply corny, but as long as it derives comedy, the complaints are prohibited. Sajid Khan Successes in his endeavour of entertaining his audience because he knows pulse of the audience!

Without taking much time, the story quickly jumps into fights between sizzling-sibling sisters and also two brothers. It’s a pat on Sajid’s back because he brings every character for a reason and just doesn’t add them. Frivolous and pacy, HOUSEFULL 2 is a rollicking entertainment which has ample of sequences which will bring down the house and which will give pain in stomach. Frankly, humour is something Sajid never depicts in his gags rather he picks up slapstick jokes. What goes in positives is that the comedy isn’t quite forced, but its raised out of the situations. Although the film definitely reminds of Rohit Shetty’s GOLMAAL 3 and ALL THE BEST, but he never fails to add the flavour of his prequel as he adds the “I am joking” gags of Chunkey Pandey or he brings animals inside the home to scare away the protagonists.

 The first half moves away in constructing the situations and then the later work is to make fun out of the situations post intermission. Few scenes stand out in first half like the one when a crocodile scratches Ritesh Deshmukh’s back seat and simultaneously a snake finds a place in John Abraham’s hand. It’s such an outrageous scene that you can do nothing but laugh at it.

Second Half marks away lots of confusion. Infact viewers have no clue who is marrying whom despite the director has served few episodes on them. But it has fun nonetheless and in between all the fun, story slides away out of the floor. But Sajid repeats mistake of adding drama which looks utter superficial. It brings a break in comic flow and hence becomes a hiccup. The climax is ordinary because he adds drama, but thankfully also has comedy.

All the four boys have their fun. Akshay Kumar as usual has superb comic timing and his “aieee” use is hilarious. Ritesh Deshmukh also enjoys himself. Shreyas Talpade has been served with few good one liners. But John Abraham surprises the most because he has attempted this genre for first time and he delivers a terrific performance.

Rishi Kapoor and Randhir kapoor enjoys their screen time and its pleasure watching this on screen. Boman Irani surprisingly gets very less footage. Mithun Chakraborthy is alright. The ladies add glamour in the screen. Chunkey Pandey and Johnny Lever both are equally amazing

Sajid-Wajid’s music is fantastic. “Papa Toh band Bajaye” is super-energetic and amazing choreographed. The choreography of “Do U Know”, “Right Now” and “Anarkali” reminds you of “Oh girl you’re mine” “Volume Kam Kar” and “Aapla kya hoga.” The cinematography is good too.

HOUSEFULL 2 is an enjoyable film which brings fun back on screen. It has many comedy scenes; it has little action, little drama, and little romance, lots of glamour and fantastic songs. Needless to say, throw away your thinking cap the moment you enter auditorium. A better sequel than prequel- A must see film!

Rating- 3.5/5 (Very Good) 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Box Office Predictions of HOUSEFULL 2

Sequel to 2010 Summer Hit HOUSEFULL, this film is directed by Sajid Khan and stars Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani. Also the new team members of this brand is John Abraham, Asin Thotumkal, Rishi Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandes and many more. The film releases on 6th April and will have its run with a hurricane called IPL. HOUSEFULL 2 has gained too much of hype because of good music and also applauded promos. How good the film will open, lets just predict..

Opening day- 12.75cr

If word of mouth is good,

Weekend 1- 40.5cr

Week 1- 65cr

Lifetime- 110cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1- 39.5cr

Week 1- 61.5cr

Lifetime- 87cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1- 38.75cr

Week 1- 51cr

Lifetime- 64cr