Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Box Office Predictions of THE DIRTY PICTURE

Milan Lutharia’s latest flick THE DIRTY PICTURE starring Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tushar Kapoor is slated to release on 2nd december 2011. The film received enormous buzz by the ssong “Ooh La La” and thus a good opening is on cards. How good an opening, lets see…
Opening Day- 5.75cr
If word of mouth is good,
Weekend 1- 19.75cr
Week1- 31.5cr
Lifetime- 46cr
If word of mouth is mixed,
Weekend 1- 18.5cr
Week 1- 26.5cr
Lifetime- 35cr
If word of mouth is bad,
Weekend 1- 17.75cr
Week 1- 24cr
Lifetime- 29.75cr

Friday, 25 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Desi Boyz" is perfect blend of comedy and drama.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Chitrangada Singh, Omi Vaidya, Sanjay Dutt, ANupam Kher
Director: Rohit Dhawan
Length: 2 hours approximately
In an attempt of making an dramatic comedy, debutant director Rohit Dhawan depicts story of two guys who are hit by recession. Now this may seem a funny thing, but later on how recession affects their life is all what the film has to show. We have seen aplenty films where our protagonists work day and night hard for earnings and to pour their family with basic needs. All these stories are filled with abundant drama in it. DESI BOYZ is a no exception to this formula. But the director not only use this formula but also garnish it with two romantic tracks, the camarederie between AKshay and John and also puts enough of jokes to keep the pace on a brisk level.

The film engages you from the word go. It all starts with the chemistry between the male leads and their background. The film has many things happening in the first half, and it makes up for a decent pre-intermission part. The film lags strong emotional support because the whole Akshay Kumar-kid portion looks superficial at many places. The first half somehow gets to an end with hilarious gags, good chemistry between the male leads and an ordinary drama part. Also Akshay Kumar gets to do his typical slapstick gags. But the film's comedy travels only because of humor and not because there are forced jokes.

The second half starts off well and goes on entertaining. The Chitrangada Singh-AKshay Kumar part is very good, barring the scene where in a disco AKshay and Chitrangada shares weird dialogues. But its OMi Vaidya who has a rocking screen presence and brings the house down for many scenes. Its an ver entertaining second half and all thanks to well written screenplay. The climax coud have been much better. The climax could have been better if it was a either full of comedy, or if it had emotional part throughout. Still all in all, a much better second half and ends up with a good taste. When the end credits start rolling, you are served with the making of the film where some hilarious moments are captured. The making is one of the best part of the film, which should not be missed.

Pritam's music adds freshness. All songs are truly well composed and lands in the film on a valid point. Thus the timing of the song and the tasty content of the song adds too much to the positives. Cinematography is fine, though the locations seems to be very usual. The director have made a very impressive debut and also he kept the film in a tight mode without adding much length.Story is predictable, but its counter-balanced by a very good screenplay in second half.

Akshay Kumar is the star of the show. He gives enough one liners and also does well in emotional scenes, though his emotional part is nothing more than ordinary. John Abraham needs to work on dance steps, but his act is good one. He is improving with every release. Deepika Padukone gives another evidence that why she is one of the top actress in the industry! Her presence creates charm in her chemistry with John. Omi Vaidya is an effective addition. He deserves a credit for making the second half even more entertaining. Sanjay Dutt character has nostalgic feel to it with his every entry into the scene comes with background score of "Khalnaayak". Chitrangada does quite a good job. Her part with Akshay falls quite easily on place and thus without taking much time, their track becomes engaging.

DESI BOYZ has enough of drama and comedy to justify the promos. Director has done a very fine job by making this one a perfect blend of these two genres. Not even once you feel that comedy or drama is underplayed. There are enough reasons to call it a "must watch affair" and one of the prime reasons being, the chemistry between the male leads.

Rating- 3.5/5 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Number Of Shows- DESI BOYZ

Comparisons- Films of similar/ near similar appeal of this year. This shows are only of First Weekend. This is compiled of some small centers and some big centers.


Maxus Cinema: Bhayander, Mumbai Western: 14 shows

E-Square, Pune: 10 shows

Movietime: Raja Garden, Delhi: 17 shows

Fun Cinemas, Chandigarh: 10 shows

INOX: Magrath Road: Garuda Mall, Bangalore: 5 shows

Abirami Cinemas, Chennai: 3 shows

Prasads, Hyderabad: 7 shows

Kulraj Broadway: Salt Lake, Kolkata- 11 shows

Big Cinemas, Solapur: 4 shows

Velocity, Indore: 9 shows

Big Cinemas, Agra: 10 shows


Maxus Cinema: Bhayander, Mumbai Western: 17 shows

E-Square, Pune: 17 shows

Movietime: Raja Garden, Delhi: 19 shows

Fun Cinemas, Chandigarh: 11 shows

INOX: Magrath Road: Garuda Mall, Bangalore: 6 shows

Abirami Cinemas, Chennai: 6 shows

Prasads, Hyderabad: 8 shows

Kulraj Broadway: Salt Lake, Kolkata- 13 shows

Big Cinemas, Solapur: 4 shows

Velocity, Indore: 10 shows


Maxus Cinema: Bhayander, Mumbai Western: 15 shows

E-Square, Pune: 16 shows

Movietime: Raja Garden, Delhi: 20 shows

Fun Cinemas, Chandigarh: 13 shows

INOX: Magrath Road: Garuda Mall, Bangalore: 6 shows

Abirami Cinemas, Chennai: 4 shows

Prasads, Hyderabad: 7 shows

Kulraj Broadway: Salt Lake, Kolkata- 13 shows

Big Cinemas, Solapur: 4 shows

Velocity, Indore: 13 shows


Maxus Cinema: Bhayander, Mumbai Western: 21 shows

E-Square, Pune: 13 shows

Movietime: Raja Garden, Delhi: 22 shows

Fun Cinemas, Chandigarh: 11 shows

INOX: Magrath Road: Garuda Mall, Bangalore: 8 shows

Abirami Cinemas, Chennai: 4 shows

Prasads, Hyderabad: 8 shows

Kulraj Broadway: Salt Lake, Kolkata- 14 shows

Big Cinemas, Solapur: 4 shows

Velocity, Indore: 14 shows

Friday, 18 November 2011

Box Office Predictions Of DESI BOYZ

Its high time Akshay Kumar, one of the star of Bollywood, delivers a hit film. HOUSEFULL was his last film which was a Box office Hit. Since then it is five failures in a row (Khatta meetha, Action Replayy, Tees Maar Khan, Patiala House, Thank You). Along Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone playes other leads in their upcoming dramedy called DESI BOYZ directed by Rohit Dhawan. The film is releasing 25th November 2011. Lets predict what the film may do at box office...

Opening Day- 8.75cr

If the film has good word of mouth,

Weekend 1- 29cr

Week 1- 45r

Lifetime- 75cr

If the film has mixed word of mouth,

Weekend 1- 28cr

Week 1- 42cr

Lifetime- 59cr

If the film has mixed word of mouth,

Weekend 1- 27.25cr

Week 1- 39.5cr

Lifetime- 48cr

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Rockstar" is a film with heart.

Cast: Ranbir kapoor, Nargis Fakhiri, Piyush Mishra, Aditi Sharma

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Legth: 2.35 hours approximately

On the very onset, let me clear, ROCKSTAR is more of a love story than a musical extravaganza. The film starts on a promising note with jokes and love angle between the leads travel and very brisk pace. ROCKSTAR deserves a watch for Imitiaz's innovative imagination for a film. He depicts aplenty scenes where you can see his desparation for this project. He submits his talent this and and smartly add two genuine talents like ranbir and A.R.Rahman to make his film engaging. The film has many flashbacks, even more than Imtiaz's JAB WE MET and LOVE AAJ KAL. It would have created a stronger impression, if the film had been materialised in one route.

As mentioned, the first half is constructed in a very light hearted tone and jokes goes hilarious. Like the one, when Ranbir regrets that his life is fun and without any tension. Also the scene where Piyush Mishra is taking a painful massage and simultaneously essaying and important thing to Ranbir, is surely to bring down the house. The witty one liners used in the romantic track between Ranbir and Nargis Fakhri boils it down as an sumptuous love story. But all things get serious when they both go off. The first half is wheel within wheel without a single mistake. Also the staunch support from music department helps the romance being more entertaining. "Katiya Karoon", "Hawa Hawa" are sure to be loved amongst the lot. 

Second half too starts staggeringly well. But as soon as the film focuses on Rockstar's music world, the film does loose momentum for once. You dont understand why Ranbir acts so wild and unpredictable (blame it to writers). Still there's unmatchable tone of act which ranbir displays throughout the show which makes you feel his pain. "Saadda haq" which is finest track in the album isn't well utilized as you dont know for what Ranbir has become so aggressive in his life. But the film glitters again when you have the lead romancing on screen. The screenplay definitely stumbles in mid of second half.

But despite of its blemishes, ROCKSTAR is engaging film because its made with heart. The climax will definitely will find mixed response. To be in rhytthm with climax, One has to be quite attentive towards the Rockstar protagonist. A.R.Rahman's music is delightful. The songs may be good on audio but they definitely makes a strong impact on viewers when its screened with the story. 

Ranbir Kapoor deserves two big thumbs Up. Even in hard times of this film, Ranbir alone makes it worth watching. The actor never goes apart from his character and he very nicely tones from a funny guy to an angry young man. Nargis Fakhiri is the biggest surprise of the season. She does justify her role and makes up a sizzling pair with Ranbir. Shammi Kapoor's glimpse add more delight to this already delightful film. Piyush Mishra and Aditi does very well.

Three talented makers comes together and makes an engaging story. ROCKSTAR is a must watch for many reasons pointed above. yes it has its share of some loop holes, but as a whole ROCKSTAR doesn't disappoint. Give it a chance, and try being involved with the central protagonist and you will definitely end up feeling his pain. Dont miss it.

Rating- 3.5/5

Sanket's Review: "Loot" misguides of being a comedy.

Cast: Govinda, Suneil Shetty, MahaAkshay Chakraborthy, Javed Jaffery, Mahesh Manjrekar, Kim Sharma.

Director: Rajneesh Thakur

Length: 1.55hours approximately

While watching this so called comedy named LOOT, you can think of many better way of robbing a bank or any institution. In my observation with this film, the film has minimumshare of comedy and remaining share of mystery drama. There are countless plots popping up every few minutes leaving the viewers confused. The screenplay writers fails to bring any sort of connection in the story. Apart from few scenes and few good one liners, LOOT has nothing to offer. 

The first half is complete drag where every minute some character is introduced, be it a Hindi speaking chineese goon, or an unfocused henchmen of Prem Copra, or even Mika Singh and Kim Sharma who comes in as if there was any agreement to include them in the film. It becomes boring to see all characters and its disappointing to see fine actors like Ravi Kishan and Dalip Tahil being wasted in small roles. Govinda is kept as an comic machine where he is yelling some one liners which is more of embarrasment then a joke. But the second half does pick some pace especially the hotel firing scene or even some escaping scenes (there are dozen of such scenes). The major culprit is bad direction and terrible writing. 

For sometime in the confused plot, you miss your major actors Govinda and Suniel whogets away from screen for few minutes post intermission. Doesn't really make difference in the entertainment as both these stars are saddled with bad written characters. Govinda gets some one liners right after the intermission making finally some comedy in the film. But you cannot digest seeing all the blaze firing done unneccesarily and being a loud film. Also the intermission scene where Shweta Bhardwaj is killed is an indication that somehow the director wanted this actress out of the film. Frankly, she dont act even half well and you feel its betterthat she is killed.

 The film doesnt get interrupted by songs because there are just two songs in the film, one in middle which is a bad one and one in the ending credits by rakhi Sawant which is the best part of this film. The film is said to be shot in Pataya, but the cinematographer fails to bring any scene where the beauty nature of Pataya is held.

Govinda does act good. Suneil Shetty also does well barring some scenes. Javed jaffery is wasted in a very bad role where he speaks haryanvi and gets hit by a bullet. Mahaakshay Chakraborthy does evoke some laughs with his bad acting potential. Mika Singh, Kim Sharma, Ravi Kishen gets no scope in the film. Majesh Manjrekar is funny, and a special mention to the scene where he gets pissed of seeing an oldie bringing a cup of coffee for him in slower than a slow motion. 

LOOT isn't wholely unwatchable for some engaging chase sequences, few handy good one liners, Rakhi's item number in the end. If you promise yourself to go with empty brains, then you may end up watching a time pass film which horribly misguides us of being a Comedy. There is some garbage served on the name of story, but stories hardly matters in such films. 

Rating- 2/5

Sanket’s review: “Damadamm” lacks even modicum originality.

Cast: Himesh reshammiya, Sonal Sehgal, Purbi Joshi

Director: Sawpna Waghmaare Joshi

Length: 2 hours approximately

One can understand a film being predictable but for how long! Won’t it get on your nerves if you see everything in the film which you might have seen in aplenty flicks released in Bollywood. Himesh reshammiya’s new film called DAMADAMM is formulaic and predictable film which is manipulated on a very loose relationship.

It will be very repetitive if I speak of what the film has on the name of story. All what you have seen in the promos will be shuffled in the first half. Purbi’s away from Himesh, Himesh and Sonal together and Purbi lands back and Himesh and Purbi breaks up. This all happens in the first half and that’s why the pre intermission part is quick but because its that easy to predict, it falters and entertain only in spurts. And for second half, you have a rough rehash of the second part of Shahid’s “Ishq Vishq”. An Infact lot of screenplay is shamelessly ripped from that film. This one lacks even modicum originality and being its biggest culprit.

Add some cartoons (like Himesh’s friend), add an old Aunty (no reference is provided), add some noise, add some song and pick any of the sweet rom-com, you will get a dish invented. DAMAADAMM travels on the same route without even caring to provide something which is not seen while before.

DAMAADAMM if its even half engaging then it must be for Purbi Joshi who excels in each scene. She gives the film its saving grace. Notice her in the scene which comes early in second half when she confesses and tell Himesh that why is she so possessive and nagging girlfriend! It’s the best scene of the film and it definitely allures you. But unfortunately there are no more quality in the film. Sonal Sehgal is a showpiece who hardly gets anything to do apart from looking gorgeous. Himesh reshammiya disappoints. His acting skills could be compared to the lackluster performance of Nisha Kothari in AAG. Acting seems really not possible for him after consecutive bad attempts.

Himesh reshammiya’s music is very good and the second best thing about this enterprise. The title track in the beginning, Madhusaala post-intermission and Umraaojaan in the end are well choreographed and very peppy songs, adding some entertainment to the film. Also the song, “train ki do pattriyan” is very hummable.

But all in all, this one is a colossal disappointment this Diwali. The predictability in the script is its biggest flaw. Even if not for the complete film, but they should hae changed the venue for the climax- yes you guessed right, its Airport again. If at all DAMAADAMM deserves to be watched then its shining actress Purbi Joshi deserving all the credit. Without her and good music score, DAMAADAMM has nothing to offer as positives. If it’s a must, watch it for Purbi Joshi.

Rating- 2/5

Sanket's Review: "Ra.One"- its only Rival is its hype. (2d)

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma.

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Length: 2.30hours approximately

If one has lots of expectations from this biggest film in Indian film industry, then its not their mistake. One will expect from a film the way the makers want their viewers to expect. Ever viewer in the auditorium, side to me or front to me or back to me had equal and humongous expectations from this flick, and why not! This long promotion definitely brings so much of expectations in every mind. Now to the film, it is not at all as bad as recent biggies like TEES MAAR KHAN or KITES or RAAVAN but its not that good as a film which could justify its own hype it has created. And this is why the huge expectations become its rival.

The film starts on funny note. The Priyanka Chjopra and Sanjay Dutt sequence was meant to be funny but ends up being an immature attempt. Soon comes in the Tamil Version of SRK and its family. Kareena Kapoor has some funny liners and keeps the momentum at a speedy pace. The film unravels with the gaming technology and the family sweet portions. But then soon after the game is launched, the story begin to happen. The scene where Ra.One comes out of the game is excellently handled. It makes viewers believe that such could happen. There on till the end of first half you get gripped with super fast action and smart use of graphics and vfx. The scene where G.One pops directly on screen brings an feeling of inspiration with joy. All in all, the first half manages to be entertaining.

The second half again starts with that fantastic Airport scene where you have your superhero showing his antics to Rickshawwala. Also the Rajnikanth scene is simply hilarious. RA.ONE does have many moments bombing fun. Well between all these happenings, the story gets kicked out of window. Also you have Satish Shah in a very minute role making comedy as a Tamilian Uncle. But from Arjun Rampal’s evolution, the film gets very lethargic till it reaches its end. The whole 30 minutes climax has nothing much to offer. It seems like the makers were in hurry to bring it up. The screenplay and story gets complex several times resulting that there is not more excitement to kill the Ra.One. Also after the climax again an unnecessary scene is added up, this was like fueling the fire.

Ofcourse the cinematography is stunning and all locations are wonderfully caught. The vfx does have its effect but in the end it gets very predictable. The music is good. “Criminal”, “Chammak Challo”, “Didaara” does pick up well. But its Anubhav’s stretched story that goes for a toss post intermission. Also he fails in evoking any feeling for the bonding of the family.

Shahrukh Khan is a true performer. He is shining in both of his character. But his look especially his Tamil look is a misfit. But, Kareena Kapoor simultaneously draws very endearing presence of her character. Look at her in any scene, and you will see her performing quite not like acting. She along with Shahrukh saves too many lapses. Arjun Rampal fails as an antagonist and in no way he looks as menacing as a Devil must look. Armaan Verma should learn acting.

Ra.One is no Diwali Bonanza but it is definitely a breezy fun. If you have even modicum of appetite for all the action with visual treat then this one is for you. But if you are peeping for interesting story, then the best tip I can provide is- throw your brains in the bucket of popcorn. Give it chance like you give it for anyother film and you might end up enjoying it.

Rating- 2.5/5

Sanket's Review: "Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge" is a delightful rom-com.

Cast: Saqeeb Salim, Saba Azad, Nishant Dahiya, Tara D'souza

Director: Nupur Asthana

Length: 1.45 hours approximately

The days have gone when the heart broken couples used to sit in room and started to cry or keep on thinking about their loved ones. In the new rom-com MUJSHE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE, the story has a complex writing to make love between two couples.It demands lots attention because it may bounce over the head if something is missed.

Using a light-hearted tone of comedy this one is engaging for enormous reasons. From first scene to the last everything happens with a very fast speed. It does not even give a minute to think on what happened in past few minutes. One after the other incident occurs and film ends up being a full of fun and frolic entertainment. No doubt, the fresh faces adds too much of energy to the work, but along with smart writing also the plot has been deftly handled. It never gives you a chance to predict which way the film is going.

Ample of scenes are mention worthy. The very first scene chatting on facebook. Its hilarious one and then again all the fights between Saqib abd Saba's characters. These adds to much of fun to the story leaving you completely inside the world of four people. It does gets complex in its going, but thats the part of the film. In the complexity, you get engrossed to know what actually will happen next. The only part where MUJSE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE lacks is in the music class. The film has decent songs but doesn't get raced with the rhythm and pace of the film. The music comes like a speed breaker keeping the pace on hold.

But nevertheless, the toppings of performances counterbalances the negatives. Though there are four leads in the film, undoubtedly Saqib Saleem takes it from all. He puts life in the character and brings complete natural spree in his character. He makes the corny one liners sound funny. Saba displays good confidence and gets excellent in some scenes. Tara D'souza does get sidelined for not much of her in the story. But she is an vital part of the script. Anyways, her acting skills are very suitable for her to step as successful actress. Nishant is a complete revealation. He gets lesser scope but he still makes his presence felt.

Its Nupur Asthana who is the real her of this film. She puts so much of fun in the film with an engaging script, that it becomes awkward to get the eye away from the spot making it delightful rom-com. A full of life film which has a story dealing with youths misusing social networking sites and gets in love accidentally. It does seem a silly plot bt it comes as complete different on celluoid. Its a thumbs-up to the makers.

Rating- 3.5/5

Sanket's Review: "Love Breakups Zindagi" is an cheering love story

Cast: Dia Mirza, Cyrus Sahukar, Zayed Khan, Tisca Chopra, Satyadeep Mishra, Vaibhav Talwar

Director: Sahil Sangha

Length: 2.40 hours approximately

Can you make out a flashback that when was the last time you had seen a new-age bollywood story without any minute sort of adulterated humor or gags? I am sure you will take a long time to make that come. Without thinking of much, you can witness it now in this week’s new film LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI which talks about one an very smooth and simple love story of two people. The journey begins with introduction part and bumps into the wedding ceremony of friends of our leads.

The film has an super entertaining first half with some genuinely funny and smart humored jokes and one-liners. In the intermission you think of the film, that who might have expected this to be so energetic film. The refreshing tone it catches up with an sober hand of music by Salim sulaiman keeps you tempted for next reel in throughout the first half. The film comprises of everything which makes the film look like a new generation film. From mobile chats, to facebook profiles, to cool words like “Yup”, this one is filled with some real moments devoid of anything unrelated.

But as its becoming routines for films, the film bares some tough time post-intermission where the pace dips at regular interval. There are few fun moments in second half espeically between Cyrus and Tisca which really deserved to be appreciated with the kind of ease they have maintained in their story. Still the second half brings some uneasy vibes and gets very long. The ending comes in a very subtle way but the dialogues looks cliched. The film should have got deleted by atleast 20 minutes to evoke a better impact on audience.

When it comes to performances, the first person that comes to your mind is Dia Mirza. She is incredibly an fascinating actress if judged her by this act. She flawlessly acts and makes an memorable character out of her act. Kudos to Dia! Zayed Khan gets too much of screen space but he doesnt manage to meet the level of Dia Mirza’s act. His performance isn’t much poor, but still fortunately his act wont get much views as all eyes will be focused on Dia. Cyrus and Tisca together makes an sparkling chemistry. How one wishes, they both had got some more time to spend in the film. All others do a very natural act and keeps the level on a high notching bar.

When one speaks of positive sin LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI, he definitely cannot forget of subtle songs and very easy on ears background score. Without music the film would have looked incomplete.

This one is a cheering love story which finds a simple way to tell you a well written story. Give it a chance and watch it with open heart. It speaks about relationships in a much matured and very isolated manner. Don’t miss it.

Rating- 3/5

Sanket’s review: “Rascals” is yet another typical David Dhawan product

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Lisa Haydon, Kangana Ranaut.

Director: David Dhawan

length: 2.10 hours approximately

RASCALS is so unimaginative and so logic-less that it forces someone to be mad and should go with the rhythm of their elegance of comedy. Its the formula- leave the brains at home, and if you can’t then it better you leave the theater. This is the formula one should not forget by any measure if he is even planning to watch this one. The film spoofs on Sanjay leela Bhansali’s films. Like in the ending scene its an open tease to GUZAARISH, and where as even BLACK becomes target of David Dhawan’s some of the jokes. And wait, you have even Sanjay Dutt’s famous VAASTAV dialogue with Ajay Devgn’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI’s some. These RASCALS are unbelievably insane and the director can go to any heights to just bring a luagh out of you, at which sometimes he scores but at times he fails.

RASCALS has maximum share of adulterated jokes and too much of exposures. Seems like David Dhawan was really desperate for the mass audience to lap it big, where as he forgets there are jokes at which even a child will not show his teeth. Frankly, some jokes has puerile humor attached like the one in the climax at airport or also the one when Ajay Devgn teaches Kangana Self-Defense. These jokes are embarrassing to see under the name of such high profiled film-makers. We don’t expect anything exceptional in place of story, but we have right to predict atleast a story in film. In RASCALS< there is no particular story because there are only jokes after jokes disjointed at times.

RASCALS also resembles part of the first half with MUJSE SHAADI KAROGI. Both your actors, try wooing the lady with trying countless silly plans. Also Kangana Ranaut has such an character who is confused whom to choose between the two. She is alternated so many times in the film that you wonder even a table tennis would not alternate itself in the game within a minute. Vishal-Shekar’s music should have been better. The title track is the only one which you can take home.
But all said and done, despite of many flaws, RASCALS should still be watched. Ofcourse, some jokes are hilarious like that intermission point when our twosome protagonists shares the dialogues from respective film of their. Also the bank robbery at Bangkok post-intermission will definitely make you roll on ur seats. There are many jokes that definitely deserves laughs, and it manages getting it out of you. The best part is that David Dhawan never induces any dramatic ingredients unlike some comedies. Thus, in a smooth flow, RASCALS must be watched, for its breezy tone of comedy which may be over the top, completely illogical, but they are funny and sometimes hilarious!

Now, RASCALS belongs to Ajay Devgn all the way. He steals it from everyone and one definitely enjoys his act. Sanjay dutt doesn’t get chance to flourish because he is saddled with cliched sequences. Arjun Rampal does good in small role. Lisa Haydon does the job of exposure. Kangana Ranaut is bad when it comes to make you laugh.

RASCALS is like another David Dhawan type of service, whose films couldn’t be watched without the major formula I mentioned at beginning. If you still enjoy all the fun which earlier films had, then this one is for you. It may disappoint you if you expect an roller-coaster-ride. Still watch it and make it for yourself. For me, it was an decent fun which should have been better with little extra-efforts.

Rating- 2.5/5

Sanket’s Review: “Force” is an one time watch action flick.

Cast: John Abraham, Genelia, Monish Bahl, Vidyut Jammwal

Director: Nishikant Kamath

Length: 2.20 hours approximately

In one of the most exciting scene of FORCE, our cop’s plans to catch the goons red handed in a Shopping mall. That particular sequence is so engagingly construct that for once you feel, that FORCE is such an highly engaging thriller. Also are the scenes in second half of the film which gives you the same vibes. But how one wish, that the director has justified with the love story part which looks too awkward to put it in your throat.

Still, this one is surely an watchable thriller which does have well written story, though predictable at places. The film goes notch higher in the finale where you have an excellent action scene between your hero and antagonists. You actually feel the aggression and that’s why FORCE spares you with positive impression. The problem lies in pre-intermission period where you Genelia mouthing cheesy lines to woo John Abraham and in exchange you have your actor in contradiction mood. And at times, it gives you an childish sequences like the one when Genelia propose John, and John gives an hectic lecture over it. One definitely can think of better reasons to reject in place of his.

With poor dialogues, also mediocre is the music of the movie. “Khwabon Khwabon” is fine, but rest all are mind numbingly dull. But to not pull away the credibility of the makers, FORCE is still an enjoyable ride for several reasons. The film has some unexpected twists towards the end and also the smashing action scenes in throughout the film do make the film a well crafted potboiler.

John Abraham acts very well. He puts a life in his character and keeps the character separate a very unmoved. He is the soul of this film. Geneliaa should be praised for her skills because she doesn’t let her character transform into a caricature with kind of substance written for her. Monish Bahl is passable. Vidyut Jammwal is outstanding. He doesn’t get any scope in the first half, but he shines post-intermission. Also, Sandhya Mridul playing a fun character surprises with her little act, but sadly gets unnoticed in most of the film.

FORCE could have been a better made film, if director wouldn’t have extracted over-the-roof romance from their performers. Also, with mediocre music, the film gets let down. But for all in all, with a very good second half, FORCE over comes some of the flaws it has and becomes a decent one time watch. Watch it for sure, but don’t expect anything great and you might end up having good time.

Rating- 2.5/5

Sanket’s Review: “Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster” is an surprising watch

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Mahie Gill,

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Length: 2 hours approximately

In an audacious attempt, SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER is a film that has elegance and has glamour with a well written script. Its a story that has heart in the right place. Not even for once the story looses the focus in its 2 hours of play. How one wishes, the story was executed with some better talents of acting. The film has that dark yellowish set up, same as Anurag kashyap’s GULAAL. Also the violent factors serve this film as a news dish on the screen.

The film catches up at a brisk pace with some excellent moments in latter half of the film. Also the dramatic conversations are the biggest assets for SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER. It’s a film which aims to engage you in its atmosphere and wants to leave you with an aggressive impression. It’s a mixture of all good elements in this drama which makes it a watchable fare.

The First hour eats time in accelerating. It commences with some passionate sequences and you are served with all characters. It’s there where the film should have got little trimmed though it last just 2 hours. But as pointed before, the second half dazzles with high-voltage drama and well brought emotions.

The music and background score is little slow. The background score sometimes doesn’t matches up to the kind of dramatic situations it has. Look at the introduction scene of Mahie Gill, and you will get what I meant. The director executes the written substance honestly.

Its the performances where SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTERS lacks. Jimmy Shergill has that immense talent which was witnessed in A WEDNESDAY, but here he gets uneasy. He doesn’t hams it up totally, but one definitely expects lot on the part of actor who is doing such an promising role. Other is Mahie Gill who doesn’t bring the charm to her character. With her sexy figure and seducing voice she may distract you, but as an actor she was supposed to do an good act. But Randeep Hooda surprises with his Gangster act and does an fabulous job giving the film its some of the best moments.

But still, this one is surprisingly a good watch. It keeps you hooked with the on-goings and also has some nail-biting situations. I recommend you to make some time and watch this one for sure.

Rating- 3/5

Sanket's Review: "Hum Tum Shabana" is a trash

Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Tushar Kapoor, Minisha Lamba, Satish Kaushik, Sanjay Mishra

Director: Sagar Ballary

Length: 2.10 hours approximately

In the modest time of 2.10 hours of its run-play, HUM TUM SHABANA has so many bizzare situations mingled in it, that one definitely forgets, he actually has many more things to do in life rather. The film has no link between the two halves of it. The first hour shows that the two male protagonists are trying to woo the female one, and it the latter half you have these two trying to get away from her. It is such an complex and unfunny film, which will not value the intelligence of even a 6yrs child.

The plot speaks nothing about comedy, instead it speaks how silly the writing could be. The first half ends up with few breezy jokes which makes first half atleast watchable. But its post-intermission where everything goes in red area. The climax in the horror house is simply not funny. If firing bullets and missing those ones are meant to be laughed at, then the makers really have to aim only at the Children. the film has so much of firing scenes in it which many you won't find even in an ordinary action films. One has to be very patient if he his challenging himself to sit throughout the film. 

And you also have some lavishly shot ramp walks, where you have sexy models to distract you from the flaws. But one just can't digest such portions in the film which is made under the genre of comedy. If this is what we call comedy, then there has to be an upper name for Priyadarshan comedies whose even bad Films are much more funny and entertaining, if compared to HUM TUM SHABANA.

The film has ordinary music, with two good songs in first half. The cinematography is nothing new. The film lacks because the writer has not justified with the film. Also lackens is the screenplay. Sagar Ballary who gave us a smart BHEJA FRY, fails miserably this time leaving you with some juvenile jokes.

Shreyas Talade does reasonably well in many scenes. He tries hard to bring a chuckle of laugh from you, but the jokes are simply bad. Tushar kapoor hams it up and fails in every scene. You also get a chance to see his GOLMAAL character in one of the scene in first half, but he disappoints. Rest all are bad.

To cut the long story short, HUM TUM SHABANA is a trash which doesn't deserve to be watched.

Rating- 1.5/5

Sanket's Review: 'Mausam" is deathly slow.

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Supriya Pathak

Director: Pankaj Kapoor

Length: 2.55 hours approximately

In the love story which director Pankaj Kpoor depicts in form of MAUSAM, you have so many travelings in the film that you wonder, half of the budget of the film is spent on traveling. Believe it or not, MAUSAM provides you more than 10 journeys in its never-ending span. These journeys might have looked different on the paper, but it fails flatly on the celluloid. You don't understand whether it is a journey-trip film or an love story. 

MAUSAM is unbelievably slow on its pace. Infact there is no movement in the script in the first half. You fail to understand, why MAUSAM takes so long to reach the end. Said as a timeless romance, it would have been good if it would have lasted for less-time. The film opens on a fresh note in the village where you have candid guy played by Shahid. The first 45 minutes of the film ends breezily with some countable good scenes, or to be precise, good jokes. Its the romance part between SHahid and Sonam where problems starts popping up. As soon as the first meeting takes place between our love leads, the film plans a complete new sketch where end-less journey comes on the crease. 

The first half finally ends with an uninteresting twist in the tale. The second half of the film does pick pace in a scene or two but then as a whole even second half gets dragged. The whole plot of Shahid's left hand paralysis is simply forced, adding nothing to the story. The climax which comes from nowhere looks engaging but a complete misfit. The love story between the protagonists just doesn't sparkle even for once, thanks to tedious screenplay. 

Shahid plays his part good. He displays sheer talent in the buoyant role he cycles in first 45 minutes. But the moment the film enters air-force podium, Shahid looks lost in the character. Sonam Kapoor disappoints. This one's most forgettable act from her till now, and possibly in her lifetime. Supriya Pathank stands apart and does a wonderful job. Rest all are good, but have no scope in such a saga.

Pritam's music is ordinary. "Rabba" shines because it arrives when MAUSAM is still on track. "Sajh Dhaj K" is energetic. "Ik Tu HI" is another very good song which distracts you from the awful story it is having. But, there are still many songs that pops in which are plain bad. Special mention to cinematography who captures every place in a very rather way and makes them look beautiful. But it is the script, screenplay and direction where MAUSAM sucks the dust.

This one is the film which you won't want even your enemy top witness. If you think SAAWARIYA was a slow film, then think again. Because this one is deathly boring for too many reasons. Its just a warning, that films can be as slower as this. Favor yourself, and better sit at home. 

Rating- 1.5/5

Sanket's review: "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" is charming but an overlong rom-com

Cast: Imran Khan, Katrina kaif, ALi Zafar

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Length: 2.20 hours

Yet again! This banner of film production gets so much filmy attitude in each of their film, that it doesn’t need any sense to predict it has come from same production who brought the masala rom-com in Bollywood. Not even a half unpredictable is this film, but yet manages to slide along with too many hilarious moments. In the first half of “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”, you have an spontaneous fun-loving girl making fun with a smart and shy boy.

Director brushes up the film with some anti-hilarious moments by making our protagonists feel guilty for nothing! The writing gets discordant and falls apart from the beginning itself. With songs popping up with no bloody reasons, and old background songs middling to make you laugh, “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” shouldn’t have been so desperate if comedy was their target. Get it in the first scene when Ali Zafar gets declared as classless and cheap guy and he demands a desi girl for marriage. It all says in the first scene itself that this one won’t have any surprise.

The biggest problem with “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” is it goes very long. It should have been 15 minutes shorter in its tale by reducing two songs or so. Also the ending of the film should have been given before that twist in the tale (which doesn’t quite work) occurs. Now there are half dozen of songs induced in the film. Though the music is good, but 6 songs are really more than anyone will want in a film like this. Songs only add the length of the film. The “Dilaara” song was indeed reduces the momentum.

But all said and done, this one has too many gags packed in both halves of the film. The director doesn’t put any sentimental currents in the film thankfully, and for that a thumbs up to director for letting the film to flow in its own way. Also this one works majorly because the pairing of Katrina and Imraan Khan looks incredibly fresh.

Imran Khan marks it yet again. This actor has such a different gene in his acting for subtle roles, which gets missed in aome of our actors. The film has shouldered on him with Katrina Kaif. Without these guys, this one wouldn’t have been as entertaining it is now. Katrina Kaif steps ahead. You might have never seen such an part of her which she showcases here. Ali Zafar does his job honestly though he gets less time compared to other both.

Its a film that should not be missed if you can still sit clapping those old mild love stories. It is an charming rom-com which does stay overlong than it should have. But give it a try, and you would be out with smiling faces. It doesn’t have anything special because it is so subtle in its own place. Frankly, thats why “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” is an cheering love story. A deserving watch.

Rating- 3/5

Sanket's Review: "Bodyguard" is just like another good entertainer.

Cast: Salman Khan, kareen Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Aditya Pancholi.

Director: Siddique

Length: 2.10 hours approximately.

When you have to make a potboiler entertainer, all the basic genres traffic together in your film. BODYGUARD is no different case book. It starts with song then little action, little comedy and lots of love story. Frankly, BODYGUARD had a golden chance to win viewers heart if the director would not have messed up with comedy. The film has an outdated package of comedy from Rajat Rawail who tries so hard to make you laugh but fails badly. Director has an interesting script in his hand, but he takes tedious ways to execute them.

Still BODYGUARD is an good, enjoyable film which goes a notch up in the final 30 minutes where you have action like never seen before and very interesting twists in the tale. In-fact the whole final episode changes your view about the film. It will influence your view and will force you to put some brain on the happening. And for an interesting final reels alone, BODYGUARD is worth the price of your ticket.

The major problem is that, the film gets repetitive in the love story department because it suffers from discordant screenplay written. Some moments are sweet, but the spark in love story, especially in first half, lacks a leg. The comedy also looked force in the narration, where you try so hard to laugh, but you just can’t! Also, music is just ordinary. Title track is strictly average just because you have Two stars shaking legs. Pritam’s I Love You is best amongst the lot. Desi Beat doesnt evoke any excitement. Teri Meri is also a very decent tune followed by I Love You.

Anyways, the film has outstanding action scenes. Two Thumbs Up tyo Vijayan Master whose action plays major part to distract the viewers from the flaws it shares. The film also had good cinematography and the college of Pune (SYMBIOSIS) is very beautifully captured.

No prices to guess, Salman Khan shines like a super star. he displays the shyness, the menacing part of his so confidently that you fall in love with his character. He creates an lovable character out of his written material and delivers a stupendous performance. He is deservingly a Superstar. But, one cannot miss Kareena while boosting BODYGUARD. She is charming and compliments Salman very nicely in this film. How one wish, the director had created a wonderful chemistry out of these two amazing talents. Nevertheless, BODYGUARD is also enjoyable because you will watch two of the biggest stars of Hindi Cinema delivering their one of the best acts in one good film. Rest all plays their part well except rajat Rawail who doesn’t have a single bone of acting.

BODYGUARD might look silly with the kind of end it has, but it keeps you thoroughly engaged in its final minutes and thus you end up watching an good movie. It is not at all action film, because there are hardly 3 action scenes. Nonetheless, its just like another good entertainer which promises you to entertain and it keeps the promise. Watch this film to get relaxed. And if you are die hard Salman Khan fan, then watch this one to relish the success of this film.

Rating- 3/5

Sanket's Review: "Aarakshan" has a very few of drama in it.

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan, Manoj Bajpayee, Prateik Babbar

Director: Prakash Jha

Length: 2.40 hours approximately

Mr.Jha known for picking issue based films, strikes yet again. This time with an topic of reservations in education system. The dramatic moments which he depicts in his films makes them more engrossing. Well disappointingly, AARAKSHAN has very few of drama in it. Instead, the melodrama raises a bar above. AARAKSHAN tries to be a competent drama, but it loses its focus right from the second half of it. The problem with AARAKSHAN is that, Mr.Jha never stresses on the issue and contrarily he puts light on the conflict between Manoj Bajpayee and Amitabh Bachchan. The whole second half speaks on the difference between these two opposites. And that’s where the film lacks to gear up.

The film starts interestingly with an excellent first scene where you have Saif explaining his culture and his sacrifices. That start puts so much of bulk on your expectations that you want something magical drama happening. But there on it takes a steep dip in its pace. The song “Acha Lagta Hai” has a decent rhythm to enjoy but it’s quite an invalid song and its interruption from beginning itself. Like as in RAAJNEETI, even here Jha loses the anthem in its second half. The second gets very tad and it slides repetitive. The film picks the pace in that climax which is riveting but your excitement to come up to a climax is almost dead.

AARAKSHAN is not completely unwatchable for some amazing scenes. The first scene of-course also after the reservation quota is declared, the film picks the pace dramatically. It has an absorbing first half with several nail-biting moments in it. But it’s the dragging second hour that tests your endurance. The length of 2.45 hours is the biggest blemish to the film. The film should have been easily trimmed by 30 minutes.

Also are the dialogues which disappoints in AARAKSHAN. One definitely misses those staggering dialogues in this film. The cinematography has no scope because the premise is entirely kept under 4-5 monuments. The music doesn’t make any sense with the film. One particular song in the first half is really irritating which comes when the relations are broken.

AARAKSHAN entirely goes to three superb performers, Amitabh, Saif and Deepika. Amitabh Bachchan is a fantastic performer when it comes to such stringent roles. He brings a depth in every dialogue he yells. Saif Ali Khan gets very limited scope. In-fact it could be termed as an extended cameo as well. But whenever he comes up on screen, he gives his great shot. His every move in this film is really appreciable. Even in the most mediocre character, he puts a chain of Gold. Now, surprising is Deepika’s stunning act. She remains in the sync of her performance and lends an excellent act to this moderate drama.

But, Manoj Bajpayee disappoints this time. One expects so much from this talented actor especially after a rollicking act in RAAJNEETI. But this time he lacks the menace in his take. And so is Prateik Babbar who hardly shows anything as an act in his role. He does well in that confrontation scene with Saif, but he lacks overall.

The script is decently penned, but Jha’s execution goes wrong way. Also the film hardly stamps about its major topic, because most of the concentration is served to the uninteresting conflict between Manoj Bajpaayee and Amitabh Bachchan.

AARAKSHAN is not a bad film, but it’s not a good one as well. There are few amazing scenes which are smartly shot. But those are all crowded in the first half, where as nothing is left post-intermission. I won’t recommend this film, but even though if it’s a must, then give it a go.

Rating- 2/5