Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sanket’s Review: “Kai Po Che” has unfeigned charm.

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh, Raj Kumar yadav, Amrita Puri.

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Length : 2 hrs approximately

Borrowed from the written material of Chetan Bhagat’s “3 Mistakes of my life”, director Abhishek Kapoor’s cinematic adaptation KAI PO CHE remains mostly faithful to the novel. The film traces various situations which draws wedge between the three friends with different ambition and different responsibility. What makes KAI PO CHE a must-watch are the beautiful and heartfelt moments that stays with you for an eternity.

Not taking even a single minute to spoon-feed about the characters, the film starts remarkably well. In-fact the proceedings are so easy to relate that it is only in the intermission period when you find your own breathes. The first half is simply excellent with the scenes being supported hugely by Amit Trivedi’s musical magic. The solemn situations create the tension and the intermission point will leave you uneasy. So far, so brilliant!

Its only post-intermission, like many films, KAI PO CHE takes bit of a backseat. In-fact, to be more precise, its only in last 30 minutes where things goes bit off the mark. The portion where the female lead gets pregnant is too contrived and unwanted in the film. Yet, there are moments in second half which may pull tears out of you. Like that innocent and magnificent scene on the terrace where the sister consoles her short-tempered brother. Its bits like these which brings unfeigned charm to KAI PO CHE. The climax however could have been crispier.

Amit Trivdedi’s music plays substantial part in raising the momentum. Songs like “Meethi Boliyan” and “Manjha” glues the emotional constraint to the film and that is what touches your heart! Fantastic work there by Trivedi. The cinematography is another technical feat that KAI PO CHE boasts off. Diving in Navratri functions to Kite fights to busy temples to political cavalcades, the camera work is appreciable. Abhishek Kapoor once again tells a simple story by uttermost sincerity and yet again derives some memorable performances. The dialogues of the film are another plus-point. Original, relatable and refreshing, the dialogues recapitulates the sequences.

Sushant Singh Rajput remains the heart of the film. His screen presence is charming and he conveys his emotions mostly through his eyes! Its incredible to see such work from the first-timer! Raj Kumar Yadav is fantastic especially when he splutters when he is flustered. He has many layers to his character but he sketches his character with believable expressions. Amit Sadh shines in many scenes and especially in the climax. Amrita Puri plays the bubbly girl convincingly and she shares good presence with Raj Kumar Yadav.

Humorous, exhilarating, sparkling, heart-touching and emotionally surrounded, KAI PO CHE is well adapted tale of friendship. In two hours while tracing topics like religious difference, political culture, cricket-maniac, and male bonding, the film gives you a completely original film and a film which makes you feel good. Don’t dare missing it.

Rating – 3.5/5 (Very Good)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sanket’s Review : “Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story” is a flawed fun.

Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma.

Director: Vinnil Markan

Length: 2.05 hours approximately.

It would be too unreasonable on the viewer’s part if they did expect JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY to have smart narration, or slow paced drama etc. I am sure no-one of us can do that, and therefore with whatever cinematic liberties that it utilizes, the film manages to entertain you. Yes, JBKLS works as comical romance although it gets heavily distracted to the plot involving bad looking gangsters.

The film starts up so well and the scenes are so easily enjoyable, that not for a moment you get bored. Of-course, as I mentioned before the whole goon’s plot is too convoluted. But the scenes between Neha Shrma and Vivek Oberoi are hilarious. The humor is mostly tapped before but JBKLS’s innocence, if you can call that for a film filled with goons, gives the film a new breeze altogether. The first hour of the film surprises you and how!

The film begins well even post-intermission. In-fact the film is alright until it goes down in last 30 minutes. The film takes itself too seriously and has heavy dramatic garnishing in the culminating portion. Writers who created a fun plot although with bromides filled, spoils the fun just in last few sequences! That doesn’t make the whole film disappointing, in-fact the film can be best described as “flawed fun”.

The music is terrific. “Naa jaane kya” and “Piya” are the best of the lot. Two thumbs up there. The writers create some interesting scenes and also the director executes them well, but its only in the end where film slopes downhill. All that started well, didn’t really end well.

Vivek Oberoi has got terrific confidence. He goes through his scenes amazingly and his comic timing deserves a thumbs up. Neha Sharma looks gorgeous and acts equally well. Last seen in that adult comedy KYA SUPER KOOL HAI HUM, Neha Sharma showed her comic strokes even there. Rest no-one really has anything much to do.

JBKLS is watchable because the first 100 minutes of the film is immensely enjoyable. Also the performance from the lead is impressive and lastly, even the songs are soulful. It could have been something more than just this had the tone of the film remained more buoyant till the end.

Rating – 2.5/5 (Above Average/ Decent)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Box Office Predictions of MURDER 3

After the super success of MURDER 2 back in July 2011, this franchise hits theater on 15th February 2013, directed by debutant Vishesh Bhatt and fresh casting of Randeep Hooda, Sara Loren and Aditi Rao Hyadari. Unlike the last installment, this film has not really generated any sort of buzz.

Opening day – 5cr

If word of mouth is Good,

Weekend 1- 17.5cr

Week 1- 27.5cr

Lifetime- 48cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend – 16.25cr

Week 1- 24.5cr

Lifetime- 34cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1- 15.75cr

Week 1- 23cr

Lifetime- 29cr

Sanket’s Review: “David” is perfect example of opportunity lost.

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vikram, Tabu, Monika Dogra, Lara Dutta, Isha Sharvani, Vinay Virmani

Director: Bejoy Nambiar

Length: 2.30 hours approximately.

Bollywood isn’t really known for smart films, and not that I am complaining, but it really ails one seeing something as absurd as DAVID despite of having a very good plot. Lasting endlessly, DAVID fails to draw attention unless it comes into its finale which has to be one of the smartest of recent times. However, DAVID is perfect example of opportunity lost. SHAITAAN directed by same director was more fun, quirky and equally enthralling. DAVID lacks in almost every area.

The film starts very well to be quite honest. The slickness, the elegance, the dialogues and just about everything moves on within pace. But as soon as we have been served with at-least two episodes of each of three characters, DAVID gets monotonous. The track involving Vikram, Isha Sharvani and Tabu in particular gets too boring after a point. Vikram discusses same thing with Tabu for almost all their scenes. The story never quite moves ahead in first half with no indication of collision of all three stories cooked.

Even post-intermission never speeds up and the director only adds many episodes. The best of all three plots has to be the one involving Monika Dogra and Neil Nitin Mukesh. Set in black and white frames, the plot easily seeks attention because of the kind of elegance is garnished throughout the track. Also, the story however is too trite and hackneyed, it still works. The track involving Vinay Virmani and Lara Dutta has some high points. It takes up brilliantly on the religious philosophy and eyes on orthodox understanding of few of the local politicians about Christians. But however, it’s only in in bits and spurts where DAVID engages you, where as for rest of the portion its only pointless. The climax however is satisfying and is more helpful for the film. Yet, it’s too late for one to change his/her views on the film.

DAVID’s music score is good and “Damadam Mast Kalandar” is sheer awesomeness and is beautifully captured. The photography is brilliant. Bejoy Nambiar however fails to extract even note-worthy performances from his leads, when he made even new-comers do so well in SHAITAAN.
Neil Nitin Mukesh steals the film from under the nose of everyone. He surprises with his silence and trumps everyone around when he speaks. Vikram although is an virtuoso of South movie industry, he still doesn’t quite impresses. Vinay Virmani gets the best of the plots but he isn’t quite adequate to his character. Rest no one acts so well that they are worth mention. The one who plays air hostess and plays sister of Vinay Virmani does too good and in even in an not so big role, she sparks.

DAVID wins marks for novelty for sure, but nothing more than that.

Rating- 2/5 (Average)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sanket’s Review: “ABCD Any body can dance” is a fair attempt, but could have been something substantial.

Cast: Prabhudeva, Ganesh Acharya, Kay Kay Menon.

Director: Remo D’souza

Length: 2.20 hours approximately.

We know that the film is all about dance, we know that the film has almost all newcomers, but that doesn’t allow the film to be a script-less one! ABCD borrows most of its plots from CHAK DE INDIA. The film deals with bonding of two important players who has a war with each other, also it shows its coach, Prabhudeva here, has lost his game in beginning and trying to revive his lost privilege and self-esteem by employing, or rather helping the street-rowdy dancers to make it to a challenging dance competition. Haven’t we seen all this plots, in different contexts though, in CHAK DE INDIA? Yes, we did! Yet, ABCD is a watchable film. Yes, despite its banality in script it still has something in it which makes it a passable affair. You guessed it right- the dance moves, the deadly dance set-pieces and rocking attitude of every dancer exclusively in dance. How I wish the dancers had practiced on acting too!

ABCD starts off right away with a dance piece, and one after another is rolled and in end you come across like dozens of dance moments in this 140 minutes film! The feeling you get from every reason the director shows in the film which makes the dancers to must dance, is that the story was written only to make sure there are situations where everyone can dance in the film, or rather, anybody can dance! Some of the songs of the film don’t really match to the energetic level of the dancers and thus it affects the film in bit.

ABCD although has some moments which will stay with you for long time. Note that particular scene and dance post-intermission, when a father of one of the dance members scolds him and pulls him away in front of the street members and on the street, and just then the son starts his dance with his members supporting him. That dance in particular is supported by excellent soundtrack “Bezubaan”. This whole episode easily remains the best of the lot. However unlike the director’s first film FALTU, here the climax is underwhelming.

The film moves nimbly from one dance to other dance track without giving much time to notice its sluggish pace. The choreography is wonderful and that particular scene where Prabhudeva shows his acting prowess will leave you wow! The songs, as mentioned before aren’t well made. The dialogues are fine, but sometimes too saccharine for one to consume. The writing is purely silly. Where is the conflict? The pre-climax twist doesn’t gel up with the tone of the film. Remo D’souza however makes sure that if not anything, at-least the dance moves should get the accolades. There, the film mostly succeeds!

Some of the actors are appalling with their diction and expression. They don’t have much in the film’s major story, which goes to Prahu Deva, still their acting glum sticks like a sore thumb. Frankly, no-one really acts well in the film, and they were neither supposed to. They were just supposed to flex their muscle and exercise some dance moves with elegance, and they do it with perfection.

ABCD is a fair attempt, but could have been something substantial had the writers gave even slightest of attention on script and screenplay! Still, if you set your expectations right, of accepting uncountable dance pieces, than ABCD doesn’t disappoint. Watch it if you enjoyed those DID dance episodes. It’s a decent full fledged version!

Rating – 2.5/5 (Above Average/Decent)

Friday, 8 February 2013

Sanket’s Review: “Special 26”- The finale gives the boost.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpai, Jimmy Shergill, Kajal Aggarwal.

Director: Neeraj Pandey

Length : 2.20 hours approximately

One will surely have high hopes from the director who made A WEDNESDAY in past. Unlike that excellent thriller, SPECIAL 26 is far from excellence. That doesn’t imply it doesn’t work, in-fact S26 makes its mark, thanks to its unpredictable climax, but the director and writer could have done so much more. It doesn’t help the film adding lip sync songs and that puerile love story angle which only distracts you from the poignant moments of the film.

The film begins well and the director grabs your attention right away. But as pointed before, the moment the story takes heads in the wrong direction, SPECIAL 26 simply gets off the track. Even the comic interludes, which are not much funny, during taut portions of the film squirms you. But the first half has those two con scenes which make up for an ordinary first half.

Its second half where S26 scores all its points. The episodes are enthralling and the dialogues, especially those mouthed by Manoj Bajpai are clap-worthy. Although, the director does add unnecessary sequences to extract sentimental values, but it doesn’t really help you to get disturbed especially because the film has taken its flight with brisk pace. However, what makes SPECIAL 26 actually a must-watch is its finale. Its shocking and smart ! The curveball th director throws at the end gives the film a who new angle.

The songs are neither ear-pleasing nor do they take the narration ahead. The background score however is impacting. The cinematography is beautiful and it takes you back in time with those real-like places captured amazingly. The script and screenplay deserves a special mention for writing a very good script, if not for that love story which takes too much of time in the film. Neeraj Pandey yet again executes his film smartly and brings out some brilliant performances from the leads. He is a maverick, which is confirmed!

Akshay Kumar dives in the role very well. He understands his character and act every bit accordingly! Its not easy for an actor to de-construct his image of being a buffoonery, goofy guy and play such role. Anupam Kher is in form and that reflects in his expressions. Note that scene when he is encountered by the original CBI officials in a hotel room. He shines there! Jimmy Shergill packs up his act well and despite of having less room in the film, he still makes his presence felt. But unimpeachably, the man who stands apart is Manoj bajpai. His energy in scenes are incredible and his expressions are cent per cent authentic.

SPECIAL 26 have a major blotch of love story, which frankly could have been easily avoided. Yet, it’s a film that deserves a chance for its originality, its climax, its director, and if not for anything than Manoj Bajpai. Try not missing it.

Rating – 3/5 (Good)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Box Office Predictions of SPECIAL 26.

Neeraj Pandey returns back to the directorial position with SPECIAL 26,after delivering the much acclaimed and a good Box Office success “A WEDNESDAY”. SPECIAL 26 stars Anupam Kher, Kajal Agarwal, Akshay Kumar, Jimmy Shergil and Manoj Bajpai. Slated to release on 8th February, this film have not gathered the eyeballs despite of A list actor. The film may not open to good figures, but can do well in its lifetime run if gets accepted. But the film faces too much of competition and also its not a solo release. The dance film ABCD have generated good buzz and may prove to be a good competition to SPECIAL 26. Lets predict the figures for SPECIAL 26….

Opening day- 6.5cr

If word of mouth is good,

Weekend 1- 24cr

Week 1- 38cr

Lifetime- 73cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1- 22.5cr

Week 1- 34cr

Lifetime- 48cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1- 21.75cr

Week 1- 32cr

Lifetime- 41cr