Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sanket’s Review: “ABCD Any body can dance” is a fair attempt, but could have been something substantial.

Cast: Prabhudeva, Ganesh Acharya, Kay Kay Menon.

Director: Remo D’souza

Length: 2.20 hours approximately.

We know that the film is all about dance, we know that the film has almost all newcomers, but that doesn’t allow the film to be a script-less one! ABCD borrows most of its plots from CHAK DE INDIA. The film deals with bonding of two important players who has a war with each other, also it shows its coach, Prabhudeva here, has lost his game in beginning and trying to revive his lost privilege and self-esteem by employing, or rather helping the street-rowdy dancers to make it to a challenging dance competition. Haven’t we seen all this plots, in different contexts though, in CHAK DE INDIA? Yes, we did! Yet, ABCD is a watchable film. Yes, despite its banality in script it still has something in it which makes it a passable affair. You guessed it right- the dance moves, the deadly dance set-pieces and rocking attitude of every dancer exclusively in dance. How I wish the dancers had practiced on acting too!

ABCD starts off right away with a dance piece, and one after another is rolled and in end you come across like dozens of dance moments in this 140 minutes film! The feeling you get from every reason the director shows in the film which makes the dancers to must dance, is that the story was written only to make sure there are situations where everyone can dance in the film, or rather, anybody can dance! Some of the songs of the film don’t really match to the energetic level of the dancers and thus it affects the film in bit.

ABCD although has some moments which will stay with you for long time. Note that particular scene and dance post-intermission, when a father of one of the dance members scolds him and pulls him away in front of the street members and on the street, and just then the son starts his dance with his members supporting him. That dance in particular is supported by excellent soundtrack “Bezubaan”. This whole episode easily remains the best of the lot. However unlike the director’s first film FALTU, here the climax is underwhelming.

The film moves nimbly from one dance to other dance track without giving much time to notice its sluggish pace. The choreography is wonderful and that particular scene where Prabhudeva shows his acting prowess will leave you wow! The songs, as mentioned before aren’t well made. The dialogues are fine, but sometimes too saccharine for one to consume. The writing is purely silly. Where is the conflict? The pre-climax twist doesn’t gel up with the tone of the film. Remo D’souza however makes sure that if not anything, at-least the dance moves should get the accolades. There, the film mostly succeeds!

Some of the actors are appalling with their diction and expression. They don’t have much in the film’s major story, which goes to Prahu Deva, still their acting glum sticks like a sore thumb. Frankly, no-one really acts well in the film, and they were neither supposed to. They were just supposed to flex their muscle and exercise some dance moves with elegance, and they do it with perfection.

ABCD is a fair attempt, but could have been something substantial had the writers gave even slightest of attention on script and screenplay! Still, if you set your expectations right, of accepting uncountable dance pieces, than ABCD doesn’t disappoint. Watch it if you enjoyed those DID dance episodes. It’s a decent full fledged version!

Rating – 2.5/5 (Above Average/Decent)

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