Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Rowdy Rathore” celebrates its bizarreness!

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha.

Director: Prabhudeva.

Length: 2.20 hours approximately.

If you are intelligent enough and if you raise your eyebrow in embarrassment at a scene where the goon bounces like dancing ball after getting hit by the hero, then I strongly advise you to sit at home and do not dare watch ROWDY RATHORE. But, if you can sideline your intelligence to watch ROWDY RATHORE then one thing is for sure- entertainment will be served! Action, comedy, romance, drama and dialogue-baazi- everything is zany and very bizarre. And ROWDY RATHORE celebrates its bizarreness without compromising a single thing if it’s about entertainment.

The jokes even though aren’t quite new but Akshay Kumar makes each one funny, and he proves his comic timing yet again. The first half has ample comic moments where you go within the feel of the film. Yes, the director throws some random portions of story in middle, but the story hardly skates ahead. The problem is the use of those two songs (Chammak Challo and tera Pyaar Teekha) which aren’t quite catchy as well brings down the momentum suddenly.

Its second half where the film has many claptrap sequences. Especially all the dialogues which finds place in second half increases the excitement. More than revenge story, it becomes episode on protagonist’s rowdiness! Its fun and fast and also supremely entertaining. In climax, just when you think that goons are finished up the director brings in more goons and expands the length. The climax isn’t bad, but it should’ve been the best part of the film, which it is not at all! Second half has two of the best songs in the album (Aa re pritam and Dhadangg). The scene just after Aa re Pritam Pyaare is the best scene of the film and one of the best scenes this year.

Sajid Wajid’s music is good. Three excellent songs (Aa re pritam, Dhadangg and Chinta tata) and two mediocre ones. The choreography definitely needs special mention. The ways the songs are choreographed are very different and refreshing. Dialogues are fabulous! Action is good, but its loud and sometimes very ordinary. Script and screenplay is something which the film gives least importance. Prabhudeva remains faithful to original version and thus successfully keeps the film high on entertainment level.

Akshay Kumar has delightful screen presence. His policemen job as well as the rowdy job is wonderfully done. Kudos! Sonakshi Sinha is good but she has very limited scope. Yashpal Sharma is very good. Everyone else does well in the film. Kareena kapoor’s presence is just WOW!

It’s a film which wants its audience to cry, laugh and get ANGRY towards goon. It do have some violent and blood-raining scenes, but then this is the hallmark of these films! Far from being perfect cinema, but it brings back fun on screen. Watch it if all you want is entertainment!

Rating- 3.5/5 (Very Good)

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