Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Teen Thay Bhai" is a plain bore

Cast: Om Puri, Yograj Singh, Deepak Dobriyal, Ragini Khanna, Shreyas Talpade

Director: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba

Length: 1.50 hurs approximately

Now TEEN THAY BHAI opens this week is a comic-drama of three so called brothers who hates the next two and no reason for that. They lands up in a situation where these guys have to stay along in mansion like house somewhere near Kashmir. What follows while they meet is all terribly dragged for next two hours. It is a pain in your head watching talented names doing sheer nonsense and that too without any zeal. Well you feel that these three protagonists off-screen are tired with each other as well as on-screen of-course. Their acts are so badly served by these actors that you are cringed with embarrassment seeing Om Puri doing nothing else than screaming his throat out.

The script is sloppily written and the direction is shoddily done. When Rakesh Omprakash is behind a film, you actually expect something real and innovative. But TEEN THAY BHAI is just a plain bore which has no ambition to when be concluded. Well the first half starts interestingly when these characters are introduced but soon when the plot begins, it looses its charm. It has the heart in right place but the execution is mind-numbingly dull. Adding some mediocre songs further only tests your endurance. You feel exhausted for throughout second hour. When the film has a new charge at the interval track, you have the feelings that the second half will be better. But that remains a sweet dream itself.

There are some stupidly bizarre situations when these three guys meet up and that follows till the last minute. We never expected it to be one crazy zany laugh-riot film, but at-least an interest holding experience. Unfortunately it doesn’t even entertain in pieces. The drama is unintentionally funny (at-least an entertainment).

Coming to the performers, Ragini Khanna who has only few minutes in the film leaves astonishing impression by her cute looks and her excellent portrayal of Deepka Dobriyal’s love play. Coming to three brothers, no one even try to lift the film a notch above. Deepak Dobriyal must thank to Ragini Khanna because their love track gets green signal because of her charm. Om Puri is only loud and his name in the film as Chixie looks much unfitted to his character. Shreyas Talpade is extremely poor in-spite of getting some corniest one-liners. Yograj Singh is passable for his act.

The respites are definitely the love track between Ragini Khanna and Deepka Dobriyal. The first fifteen minutes too blazes speedily by some gags and you are in a good mood to set a good time in your life but that after few minutes becomes your enemy. The cinematography is very good though there is nothing great in the locales. The music is very bad. How anybody wishes that no songs were there in film and they could have less tortured us by reducing the already modest time of two hours. The climax finally brings few chuckles though resembles a pick up of any Priyadarshan’s comedy.

To cut the long story short, TEEN THAY BHAI is sweet pretending film but is a slow and uneven film that has no bounce in entertainment. If you still want to watch it than I must say you might be psychologically strong to take up such kind of film which tries hard to bore you till their strength. You will have much more meaningful things in your life to do instead watching this awful film.

Rating- 1.5/5

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