Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Chalo Dilli" is predictable yet extremely enjoyable

Cast: Lara Dutta, Vinay Pathak

Director: Shashant Shah.

Length: 2 hours approximately

Predictable yet extremely enjoyable is the film “Chalo Dilli” starring novel pairing of Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak. It is not about their chemistry but about their journey. It packs 2 days journey from Mumbai to Delhi and in between some amazing situations providing enough fun to make your price of ticket worth. It resembles “Jab We Met” in some situations but the bumper difference is being that the earlier one was romantically paced where as this one is a situational comedy. Romance has no space here because both the protagonists are already married.

Subtlety is re-described by the director in his execution. The director puts buoyant fun with lots of energy striking from everywhere. “Chalo Dilli” does not try to be very different in its premise, and that is the biggest strength. 10 minutes into the film and then you are in the world of this coupled stranger. The female owns a 200 crore company and the other is a ladies tailor. Not even once you feel, “Chalo Dilli” is boring and dull. These two characters are inherently decent people but they have to adjust with each other which come hilariously on the screen. Grieved with two accomplished actors and a happening script, Chalo Dilli becomes surprisingly a fun film. Recurrently the jokes are placed, the lessons are given and the end is brought.

The script has lots of turns and that makes it for an exciting watch. The film is enjoyable because there is something so relatable. Aplenty times Lara responds to Vinay’s spontaneous character and Vinay still in his own life with meeting new people every few minutes. From plane, to a Dhaba to a train with ticket-less entry to a jeep of some bad guys to a hotel to Dilli, I am sure it will bring some sugar-coated smiles and some laugh-out-loud sequences. The jokes are not forced but they jump out of their conversations and their different mannerisms of life.

But “Chalo Dilli” bears some wrong policy in writing in mid of its second half. Habitually even this one takes a down when lights come back soon when it resumes for second half. The whole track when these two meet the gang of bad guys in their jeep is too stale and unsuitably disturbs the film’s smooth tone. However the film gains its momentum back in last few minutes ad gives a proper end to the journey. Even that item number of “Laila” does not brings any celebrations. The music is no good and thankfully there very petty of it. There is nothing like a climax in the film but it has a behaving end.

The heart of “Chalo Dilli” lay in their leads Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta. Vinay Pathak is amusing and he gives his level best act here and proves yet again that why he is so under-rated. Lara Dutta surprises and how! She is amazing and deserves special mention for the last part of Film where her expressions are superb. It is very tough to focus only on two of the characters from beginning to end. But Shashant Shah does it cleverly, not even once he introduces dull moment except for few here and there.

Sip the cola, chew the corn and enjoy this film. It is not an great film, nothing side by but it brings fun back on screen and keeps you interestingly engaged in their journey. You are eager from the staring credit to ending credits to know what actually the end will be after they reach their destination. It is a must watch for these two terrific actors who gives this film a whole new dimension. Never quite preachy and lame, but a fun film you cannot afford to miss. I strongly recommend you to go for this one film. You are missing something vital in your life if you miss this one. A treat to attend a journey of two opposite people!

Rating- 3.5/5

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