Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket’s review: “Rascals” is yet another typical David Dhawan product

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Lisa Haydon, Kangana Ranaut.

Director: David Dhawan

length: 2.10 hours approximately

RASCALS is so unimaginative and so logic-less that it forces someone to be mad and should go with the rhythm of their elegance of comedy. Its the formula- leave the brains at home, and if you can’t then it better you leave the theater. This is the formula one should not forget by any measure if he is even planning to watch this one. The film spoofs on Sanjay leela Bhansali’s films. Like in the ending scene its an open tease to GUZAARISH, and where as even BLACK becomes target of David Dhawan’s some of the jokes. And wait, you have even Sanjay Dutt’s famous VAASTAV dialogue with Ajay Devgn’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI’s some. These RASCALS are unbelievably insane and the director can go to any heights to just bring a luagh out of you, at which sometimes he scores but at times he fails.

RASCALS has maximum share of adulterated jokes and too much of exposures. Seems like David Dhawan was really desperate for the mass audience to lap it big, where as he forgets there are jokes at which even a child will not show his teeth. Frankly, some jokes has puerile humor attached like the one in the climax at airport or also the one when Ajay Devgn teaches Kangana Self-Defense. These jokes are embarrassing to see under the name of such high profiled film-makers. We don’t expect anything exceptional in place of story, but we have right to predict atleast a story in film. In RASCALS< there is no particular story because there are only jokes after jokes disjointed at times.

RASCALS also resembles part of the first half with MUJSE SHAADI KAROGI. Both your actors, try wooing the lady with trying countless silly plans. Also Kangana Ranaut has such an character who is confused whom to choose between the two. She is alternated so many times in the film that you wonder even a table tennis would not alternate itself in the game within a minute. Vishal-Shekar’s music should have been better. The title track is the only one which you can take home.
But all said and done, despite of many flaws, RASCALS should still be watched. Ofcourse, some jokes are hilarious like that intermission point when our twosome protagonists shares the dialogues from respective film of their. Also the bank robbery at Bangkok post-intermission will definitely make you roll on ur seats. There are many jokes that definitely deserves laughs, and it manages getting it out of you. The best part is that David Dhawan never induces any dramatic ingredients unlike some comedies. Thus, in a smooth flow, RASCALS must be watched, for its breezy tone of comedy which may be over the top, completely illogical, but they are funny and sometimes hilarious!

Now, RASCALS belongs to Ajay Devgn all the way. He steals it from everyone and one definitely enjoys his act. Sanjay dutt doesn’t get chance to flourish because he is saddled with cliched sequences. Arjun Rampal does good in small role. Lisa Haydon does the job of exposure. Kangana Ranaut is bad when it comes to make you laugh.

RASCALS is like another David Dhawan type of service, whose films couldn’t be watched without the major formula I mentioned at beginning. If you still enjoy all the fun which earlier films had, then this one is for you. It may disappoint you if you expect an roller-coaster-ride. Still watch it and make it for yourself. For me, it was an decent fun which should have been better with little extra-efforts.

Rating- 2.5/5

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