Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Love Breakups Zindagi" is an cheering love story

Cast: Dia Mirza, Cyrus Sahukar, Zayed Khan, Tisca Chopra, Satyadeep Mishra, Vaibhav Talwar

Director: Sahil Sangha

Length: 2.40 hours approximately

Can you make out a flashback that when was the last time you had seen a new-age bollywood story without any minute sort of adulterated humor or gags? I am sure you will take a long time to make that come. Without thinking of much, you can witness it now in this week’s new film LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI which talks about one an very smooth and simple love story of two people. The journey begins with introduction part and bumps into the wedding ceremony of friends of our leads.

The film has an super entertaining first half with some genuinely funny and smart humored jokes and one-liners. In the intermission you think of the film, that who might have expected this to be so energetic film. The refreshing tone it catches up with an sober hand of music by Salim sulaiman keeps you tempted for next reel in throughout the first half. The film comprises of everything which makes the film look like a new generation film. From mobile chats, to facebook profiles, to cool words like “Yup”, this one is filled with some real moments devoid of anything unrelated.

But as its becoming routines for films, the film bares some tough time post-intermission where the pace dips at regular interval. There are few fun moments in second half espeically between Cyrus and Tisca which really deserved to be appreciated with the kind of ease they have maintained in their story. Still the second half brings some uneasy vibes and gets very long. The ending comes in a very subtle way but the dialogues looks cliched. The film should have got deleted by atleast 20 minutes to evoke a better impact on audience.

When it comes to performances, the first person that comes to your mind is Dia Mirza. She is incredibly an fascinating actress if judged her by this act. She flawlessly acts and makes an memorable character out of her act. Kudos to Dia! Zayed Khan gets too much of screen space but he doesnt manage to meet the level of Dia Mirza’s act. His performance isn’t much poor, but still fortunately his act wont get much views as all eyes will be focused on Dia. Cyrus and Tisca together makes an sparkling chemistry. How one wishes, they both had got some more time to spend in the film. All others do a very natural act and keeps the level on a high notching bar.

When one speaks of positive sin LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI, he definitely cannot forget of subtle songs and very easy on ears background score. Without music the film would have looked incomplete.

This one is a cheering love story which finds a simple way to tell you a well written story. Give it a chance and watch it with open heart. It speaks about relationships in a much matured and very isolated manner. Don’t miss it.

Rating- 3/5

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