Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket’s Review: “Force” is an one time watch action flick.

Cast: John Abraham, Genelia, Monish Bahl, Vidyut Jammwal

Director: Nishikant Kamath

Length: 2.20 hours approximately

In one of the most exciting scene of FORCE, our cop’s plans to catch the goons red handed in a Shopping mall. That particular sequence is so engagingly construct that for once you feel, that FORCE is such an highly engaging thriller. Also are the scenes in second half of the film which gives you the same vibes. But how one wish, that the director has justified with the love story part which looks too awkward to put it in your throat.

Still, this one is surely an watchable thriller which does have well written story, though predictable at places. The film goes notch higher in the finale where you have an excellent action scene between your hero and antagonists. You actually feel the aggression and that’s why FORCE spares you with positive impression. The problem lies in pre-intermission period where you Genelia mouthing cheesy lines to woo John Abraham and in exchange you have your actor in contradiction mood. And at times, it gives you an childish sequences like the one when Genelia propose John, and John gives an hectic lecture over it. One definitely can think of better reasons to reject in place of his.

With poor dialogues, also mediocre is the music of the movie. “Khwabon Khwabon” is fine, but rest all are mind numbingly dull. But to not pull away the credibility of the makers, FORCE is still an enjoyable ride for several reasons. The film has some unexpected twists towards the end and also the smashing action scenes in throughout the film do make the film a well crafted potboiler.

John Abraham acts very well. He puts a life in his character and keeps the character separate a very unmoved. He is the soul of this film. Geneliaa should be praised for her skills because she doesn’t let her character transform into a caricature with kind of substance written for her. Monish Bahl is passable. Vidyut Jammwal is outstanding. He doesn’t get any scope in the first half, but he shines post-intermission. Also, Sandhya Mridul playing a fun character surprises with her little act, but sadly gets unnoticed in most of the film.

FORCE could have been a better made film, if director wouldn’t have extracted over-the-roof romance from their performers. Also, with mediocre music, the film gets let down. But for all in all, with a very good second half, FORCE over comes some of the flaws it has and becomes a decent one time watch. Watch it for sure, but don’t expect anything great and you might end up having good time.

Rating- 2.5/5

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