Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Pyaar Ka Punchnama" is an occasional fun

Cast: Kartikeya Tiwari, Raayo Bhakirta, Diveyndu Sharma, Nushrat Bharucha, Sonali Sehgal, Ishita Sharma.

Director: Luv Ranjan

Length: 2.30 hours approximately.

Early this year we saw an engaging sex comedy DIL TOH BACHCHA HAI JI which was solidly presented film that kept hooked. Now PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA which is also a partly sex comedy is an occasional fun film. Occasional because there is no consistency maintained at the pace. The first half embarks some good jokes and the sex humor also works most of the time. But as easy as it is getting, the film’s second half expectedly stumbles. The second half starts decently with a trip to Goa, but soon when the story gets silent, the momentum is lost. The director unnecessarily introduces new characters and spoils the party.

Well, there are differences in the film but the screenplay is terrifically written in first half. All the movements by these threesome friends are funny and relatable. But everything falls in place too easily. You know something is about to happen, and it just happens. The director does not create some dramatic scenarios which ideally would have well suited in this film. But the good thing is, he does not waste his time in showing each life in detail. Within ten minutes of start, the couples are joined and the story begins. But the thing which you fail to find, how the length goes so wide! The film bears Shoddy editing in second half, where many scenes which should have been removed for a better impact. The film is enthralled by romance and lots of intimacy is depicted in the film. The emotional scenes look quite as a comical part of the film. The script is predictable and resembles DIL TOH BACHCHA HAI JI in lots of shades.

The music is strictly average. There is as many as four music director and they able to bring just two decent songs. “Ban Gaya Pattha” which comes in ending credits and “Ishq na Kariyo” that bumps only in background! You really get disappointed to see the only two songs are not well used in the film. The cinematography is superb. The way they capture Delhi in their camera is appreciable work.

Among the performances, two power-house performances steals everything from everyone. First is Kartikeya Tiwari who does not miss a beat. Look him in that an overlong monologue which he provides his friend framing how disgustingly girls are natured. There is nothing great in that monologue but his performances makes that sequence one of the best. You can’t help yourself to stop your laughs. Second, Raayo Bhakirta who plays that silent-angry-good-at-heart kind of puppet in this film. He has lots of shades in this film which he delivers amazingly. Divendyu Sharma too does fine, but is outshined by his other mates. Females do not make any impact apart from Nushrat who is only partly good in the film.

PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA won’t disappoint you, if you have nothing to expect from it. It is only for the youth because it is catered at them, and only they can sense the film in proper way. Boring at times, but never an annoying ride because they needed some staunch drama too make the film more entertaining. The unconventional way of negotiation gives the real feel, the second half plays spoilsport. Still watch it for some good jokes in first hour and also some really witty one liner. Don’t go in expecting a surprise.

Rating- 2.5/5

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