Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Love U...Mr.Kalakaar" is regressive film

Cast: Tushar kapoor, Amrita Rao

Director: S.Manasvi

Length: 2.40 hours approximately

While watching this film, I wondered why this production house comes with same typical Bhardwaj films! This one specifically is regressive film that definitely brings yawns. The emotions go superficial, the jokes are corny, the execution of plot is very loosely done and the performances are not kind of which saves the film. LOVE U…MR.KALAKAAR doesn’t work for one simple thing- it is very predictable and it has wrong elements of love story. The director amalgamates the office chase and loves story equally, where ideally it should have been a love story more than the idiotic office chase. You don’t remember the last time you had seen such a typical love story. Its juvenile headed screenplay and pedestrian script keeps nothing in right corner. The kids too definitely get to know the end of the film within first hour.

The main problem of this film is its unending second half. The director gives so many loop holes filled moments in the film that you lack to sense what actually you are watching! I am sure, if the film would have been atleast 30 minutes shorter, than the impact would have been notch better than its present condition. The songs which sounds from those 80s comes in bad time. The only song which is listenable is the “Sar Phira” track which appears in first half itself.

The first half may not make you so disgusted with the film, because the love story has some pace. Unfortunately, the first half is engaging only in parts because you fail to understand why Amrita Rao so shortly falls in love with someone who is no-one. Still the list complaints from first half looks way smaller, comparing its never ending list of complaints from second half. S.Manasvi’s direction lacks basic nuances. Unnecessarily he adds the songs which are very long and then her emotional scenes looks fake.

Tushar Kapoor tries to invest earnestness in his character and tries his best to be the chocolate boy, but the results does not seems good. He uses his talent nicely in romantic angle in first half, but when the film has office issues, his act goes down. Just two weeks before I loved him in his shining act in SHOR IN THE CITY, and now he disappoints. Amrita Rao goes above the roof. Her performance goes as one of the caricature of the film. Its Ram Kapoor stands out from everyone. His strict natured performance is superbly done by him. Even the scene when Ram Kapoor interrogates Tushar Kapoor about his future is solidly executed. But such pleasures are hardly many.

The film has its heart in the right place, but the lessons are not nicely learned by the makers. S.Manasvi makes mistake by choosing such script. They are in wrong conception that they may still find lovers for such outdated film. The ladies may try it but they won’t come out happily. Don’t waste your time and money watching this film.

Rating- 1.5/5

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