Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Ready" is tremendously entertaining and stupidly amazing

Cast: Salman Khan, Asin, Paresh Rawal, Sudesh Lehri, Mahesh Manjrekar

Director: Anees Bazmee

Length: 2.20 hours

Comparing the film with DABANGG is itself an achievement. READY has achieved that. Lots of money, lots of expectations, Salman’s presence, chartbuster music and stupendous hype….why won’t it be the most anticipated film! The cash registers will ring for long time the hype says. But the question round is, whether READY deserves this bumper hype and hoopla? The film makes no claim to cater for those intelligentsia viewers who wants to get engaged more than entertained in the film’s premise. And thus, as said many times and as known to many people, READY is that “keep your brain aside” comedy. READY brings you in the madcap world from very beginning. The character dheela in the beginning says how Prem (Salman) is. If you want to relish this one, you have to lock your brains. No rationale is provided to any sequence and no fullproof reasoning is given to anything. Your questions as why’s and how’s won’t be answered and they even don’t even bother to do that. And that is why, READY is tremendously entertaining and stupidly amazing at its best.

There is a story, but nothing innovative in that. Still the film takes lots and many twists in its tale and you can do nothing but laugh at those. Paresh Rawal enters post intermission, and a whole new dimension of comedy is given. The first half is funny at places but does not makes you feel the best you were expecting. The first half has two good songs with great choreography (Character Dheela, Humk Pyaar Hua). And ofcourse Salman and Asin’s bonding too makes up for some quality time, but there is lots of time spent in establishing the characters and the premise. But the second half is sharp in comedy. You can’t stop yourself from breaking into guffaws and places rolling on your seats. Anees Bazmee is in top form this time. Won’t be a surprise to say it is his best film since the comical blockbuster “No Entry”. He holds the film together without any dull spots. Yes, there are clutches when those sentimental monologues are unnecessarily fitted but these are very few and far much between. The climax is hilarious with everything going terrifically bizarre. Salman fanatics will burst in whistles and claps on his ripping of his shirt to flaunt his well-built body.

Pritam’s music is superb. Character Dheela is sumptuous especially because Zarine looks damn gorgeous. Humk Pyaar Hua also arrives at a valid note, and marks an impression. Dhinka Chika gets the maximum whistles and claps. Meri Ada Bhi is well used. The editing should have trimmed some unnecessary portions from the film to make atleast 10 minutes shorter. The action is good but ofcourse not as good as Dabangg. The action has that comic-bookish feel which helps you laugh even more.

Speaking about performances, the first person comes is undoubtedly Salman does not miss a beat and remains in sync with his silly-naughty character. Asin looks good. She has good scope in earlier half, but she gets sidelined in second half. Still she does a fantastic job. Paresh Rawal is hilarious. He is the best man in bollywood who know how to get that big laugh on audience’s face. Sudesh Lehri springs a pleasant surprise. There are still many characters and each does their work within their grace. Anees gets those brownie points for not letting the spirit down. He keeps on doing the mad stuff without any break. And that’s why I can see why this film works.

Don’t miss READY. It is simply funny and no two opinions on that. Every other minute you will find yourself having fun with this brain-dead comedy! Slapstick gags are provided but not in big. Don’t invest your knowledge while watching; you will feel yourself an Einstein. Go and just sit. The rest things will be done by READY team. It comes under that “Paisa Vasool” category and this genre is very friendly to all you guys.

Rating: 3.5/5

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