Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Stanley Ka Dabba" is an heart-touching tale

Cast: Amol Gupte, Partho, Divya Jagdale, Divya Dutta

Director: Amol Gupte

Length: 1.40 hours approximately

After TAARE ZAMEEN PAR there have been different views on films made for kids and their parents/guardian. Films on kids have been made plenty times, but only few are as heart-touching as this one. STANLEY KA DABBA is one bitter-sweet film which keeps you sentimentally attached with the boy who has very different nerve of life. It is not a film based on serious issue, but the writer himself creates an issue between a student and teacher with aTiffin box. The plot sounds quite a fun, but this one is an emotional film. Not many times it happens that the film touch you sensibilities with a new topic, but this one definitely do. STANLEY KA DABBA is not that flawless Oscar deserving kind of cinema because even this film bears some faults, but they should be hardly mentioned.

It is that buoyant little gem, which creates place in your heart. Never quite predictable and within a tight screenplay, this one catch your attention and you feel for the protagonist. You don’t remember last time when you saw such a basic issue having small meaning, and this is the USP of this film. The scenes get unraveling and behind every episode, there is fullproof reason which makes you believe the inherently decent characters and a properly told story. Amol Gupte has immense knowledge to make films on kids’ lives and he mixes best elements of his talent to execute this film in fabulous way.

But STANLEY KA DABBA is not that film which has comedy and peppy songs, because it is a desperate film and that’s why it has slow tuning moments. You have to be patient enough to carry on with. The director takes his time to construct the premise, but does not leave you unaware of anything.

As I tickled before, STANLEY KA DABBA is not an flawless film. Some scenes are forcefully added. The school competition does not look suiting to the story. The editing also is not grasping as it should have been. The background score is fine. The song which appears in background has smart lyrics which make the song lovable.

STANLEY KA DABBA also has performances to flaunt. Partho sketches that vulnerability inStanley’s character by lending terrific portrayal. Amol Gupte as Verma sir handles the film as well his performance to a depth. Divya Dutta is the character with which the viewer may sympathize the most. Inspite of having limited role, she still makes her presence feel.Stanley’s friends played by all new faces also bring smiles.
STANLEY KA DABBA may not create a big line at ticket counters, but it definitely deserves that to happen. People often may complaint that bollywood does not have any new stories to tell, but if they see this film they will gain back their faith in bollywood. Lots of sensitivity and believable moments keeps the film on higher edge. Like any other serious film, even this one has that slow pace, but still there are enough reasons why this one is very good film. Kudos to writers and director who has powerful imagination in films like these! It is a genuine film for which I go with thumbs up! Missing this one is nothing short of punishing yourself.

Rating- 3.5/5

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