Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket’s review: “Damadamm” lacks even modicum originality.

Cast: Himesh reshammiya, Sonal Sehgal, Purbi Joshi

Director: Sawpna Waghmaare Joshi

Length: 2 hours approximately

One can understand a film being predictable but for how long! Won’t it get on your nerves if you see everything in the film which you might have seen in aplenty flicks released in Bollywood. Himesh reshammiya’s new film called DAMADAMM is formulaic and predictable film which is manipulated on a very loose relationship.

It will be very repetitive if I speak of what the film has on the name of story. All what you have seen in the promos will be shuffled in the first half. Purbi’s away from Himesh, Himesh and Sonal together and Purbi lands back and Himesh and Purbi breaks up. This all happens in the first half and that’s why the pre intermission part is quick but because its that easy to predict, it falters and entertain only in spurts. And for second half, you have a rough rehash of the second part of Shahid’s “Ishq Vishq”. An Infact lot of screenplay is shamelessly ripped from that film. This one lacks even modicum originality and being its biggest culprit.

Add some cartoons (like Himesh’s friend), add an old Aunty (no reference is provided), add some noise, add some song and pick any of the sweet rom-com, you will get a dish invented. DAMAADAMM travels on the same route without even caring to provide something which is not seen while before.

DAMAADAMM if its even half engaging then it must be for Purbi Joshi who excels in each scene. She gives the film its saving grace. Notice her in the scene which comes early in second half when she confesses and tell Himesh that why is she so possessive and nagging girlfriend! It’s the best scene of the film and it definitely allures you. But unfortunately there are no more quality in the film. Sonal Sehgal is a showpiece who hardly gets anything to do apart from looking gorgeous. Himesh reshammiya disappoints. His acting skills could be compared to the lackluster performance of Nisha Kothari in AAG. Acting seems really not possible for him after consecutive bad attempts.

Himesh reshammiya’s music is very good and the second best thing about this enterprise. The title track in the beginning, Madhusaala post-intermission and Umraaojaan in the end are well choreographed and very peppy songs, adding some entertainment to the film. Also the song, “train ki do pattriyan” is very hummable.

But all in all, this one is a colossal disappointment this Diwali. The predictability in the script is its biggest flaw. Even if not for the complete film, but they should hae changed the venue for the climax- yes you guessed right, its Airport again. If at all DAMAADAMM deserves to be watched then its shining actress Purbi Joshi deserving all the credit. Without her and good music score, DAMAADAMM has nothing to offer as positives. If it’s a must, watch it for Purbi Joshi.

Rating- 2/5

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