Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Ra.One"- its only Rival is its hype. (2d)

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma.

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Length: 2.30hours approximately

If one has lots of expectations from this biggest film in Indian film industry, then its not their mistake. One will expect from a film the way the makers want their viewers to expect. Ever viewer in the auditorium, side to me or front to me or back to me had equal and humongous expectations from this flick, and why not! This long promotion definitely brings so much of expectations in every mind. Now to the film, it is not at all as bad as recent biggies like TEES MAAR KHAN or KITES or RAAVAN but its not that good as a film which could justify its own hype it has created. And this is why the huge expectations become its rival.

The film starts on funny note. The Priyanka Chjopra and Sanjay Dutt sequence was meant to be funny but ends up being an immature attempt. Soon comes in the Tamil Version of SRK and its family. Kareena Kapoor has some funny liners and keeps the momentum at a speedy pace. The film unravels with the gaming technology and the family sweet portions. But then soon after the game is launched, the story begin to happen. The scene where Ra.One comes out of the game is excellently handled. It makes viewers believe that such could happen. There on till the end of first half you get gripped with super fast action and smart use of graphics and vfx. The scene where G.One pops directly on screen brings an feeling of inspiration with joy. All in all, the first half manages to be entertaining.

The second half again starts with that fantastic Airport scene where you have your superhero showing his antics to Rickshawwala. Also the Rajnikanth scene is simply hilarious. RA.ONE does have many moments bombing fun. Well between all these happenings, the story gets kicked out of window. Also you have Satish Shah in a very minute role making comedy as a Tamilian Uncle. But from Arjun Rampal’s evolution, the film gets very lethargic till it reaches its end. The whole 30 minutes climax has nothing much to offer. It seems like the makers were in hurry to bring it up. The screenplay and story gets complex several times resulting that there is not more excitement to kill the Ra.One. Also after the climax again an unnecessary scene is added up, this was like fueling the fire.

Ofcourse the cinematography is stunning and all locations are wonderfully caught. The vfx does have its effect but in the end it gets very predictable. The music is good. “Criminal”, “Chammak Challo”, “Didaara” does pick up well. But its Anubhav’s stretched story that goes for a toss post intermission. Also he fails in evoking any feeling for the bonding of the family.

Shahrukh Khan is a true performer. He is shining in both of his character. But his look especially his Tamil look is a misfit. But, Kareena Kapoor simultaneously draws very endearing presence of her character. Look at her in any scene, and you will see her performing quite not like acting. She along with Shahrukh saves too many lapses. Arjun Rampal fails as an antagonist and in no way he looks as menacing as a Devil must look. Armaan Verma should learn acting.

Ra.One is no Diwali Bonanza but it is definitely a breezy fun. If you have even modicum of appetite for all the action with visual treat then this one is for you. But if you are peeping for interesting story, then the best tip I can provide is- throw your brains in the bucket of popcorn. Give it chance like you give it for anyother film and you might end up enjoying it.

Rating- 2.5/5

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