Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Loot" misguides of being a comedy.

Cast: Govinda, Suneil Shetty, MahaAkshay Chakraborthy, Javed Jaffery, Mahesh Manjrekar, Kim Sharma.

Director: Rajneesh Thakur

Length: 1.55hours approximately

While watching this so called comedy named LOOT, you can think of many better way of robbing a bank or any institution. In my observation with this film, the film has minimumshare of comedy and remaining share of mystery drama. There are countless plots popping up every few minutes leaving the viewers confused. The screenplay writers fails to bring any sort of connection in the story. Apart from few scenes and few good one liners, LOOT has nothing to offer. 

The first half is complete drag where every minute some character is introduced, be it a Hindi speaking chineese goon, or an unfocused henchmen of Prem Copra, or even Mika Singh and Kim Sharma who comes in as if there was any agreement to include them in the film. It becomes boring to see all characters and its disappointing to see fine actors like Ravi Kishan and Dalip Tahil being wasted in small roles. Govinda is kept as an comic machine where he is yelling some one liners which is more of embarrasment then a joke. But the second half does pick some pace especially the hotel firing scene or even some escaping scenes (there are dozen of such scenes). The major culprit is bad direction and terrible writing. 

For sometime in the confused plot, you miss your major actors Govinda and Suniel whogets away from screen for few minutes post intermission. Doesn't really make difference in the entertainment as both these stars are saddled with bad written characters. Govinda gets some one liners right after the intermission making finally some comedy in the film. But you cannot digest seeing all the blaze firing done unneccesarily and being a loud film. Also the intermission scene where Shweta Bhardwaj is killed is an indication that somehow the director wanted this actress out of the film. Frankly, she dont act even half well and you feel its betterthat she is killed.

 The film doesnt get interrupted by songs because there are just two songs in the film, one in middle which is a bad one and one in the ending credits by rakhi Sawant which is the best part of this film. The film is said to be shot in Pataya, but the cinematographer fails to bring any scene where the beauty nature of Pataya is held.

Govinda does act good. Suneil Shetty also does well barring some scenes. Javed jaffery is wasted in a very bad role where he speaks haryanvi and gets hit by a bullet. Mahaakshay Chakraborthy does evoke some laughs with his bad acting potential. Mika Singh, Kim Sharma, Ravi Kishen gets no scope in the film. Majesh Manjrekar is funny, and a special mention to the scene where he gets pissed of seeing an oldie bringing a cup of coffee for him in slower than a slow motion. 

LOOT isn't wholely unwatchable for some engaging chase sequences, few handy good one liners, Rakhi's item number in the end. If you promise yourself to go with empty brains, then you may end up watching a time pass film which horribly misguides us of being a Comedy. There is some garbage served on the name of story, but stories hardly matters in such films. 

Rating- 2/5

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