Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's review: "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" is charming but an overlong rom-com

Cast: Imran Khan, Katrina kaif, ALi Zafar

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Length: 2.20 hours

Yet again! This banner of film production gets so much filmy attitude in each of their film, that it doesn’t need any sense to predict it has come from same production who brought the masala rom-com in Bollywood. Not even a half unpredictable is this film, but yet manages to slide along with too many hilarious moments. In the first half of “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”, you have an spontaneous fun-loving girl making fun with a smart and shy boy.

Director brushes up the film with some anti-hilarious moments by making our protagonists feel guilty for nothing! The writing gets discordant and falls apart from the beginning itself. With songs popping up with no bloody reasons, and old background songs middling to make you laugh, “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” shouldn’t have been so desperate if comedy was their target. Get it in the first scene when Ali Zafar gets declared as classless and cheap guy and he demands a desi girl for marriage. It all says in the first scene itself that this one won’t have any surprise.

The biggest problem with “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” is it goes very long. It should have been 15 minutes shorter in its tale by reducing two songs or so. Also the ending of the film should have been given before that twist in the tale (which doesn’t quite work) occurs. Now there are half dozen of songs induced in the film. Though the music is good, but 6 songs are really more than anyone will want in a film like this. Songs only add the length of the film. The “Dilaara” song was indeed reduces the momentum.

But all said and done, this one has too many gags packed in both halves of the film. The director doesn’t put any sentimental currents in the film thankfully, and for that a thumbs up to director for letting the film to flow in its own way. Also this one works majorly because the pairing of Katrina and Imraan Khan looks incredibly fresh.

Imran Khan marks it yet again. This actor has such a different gene in his acting for subtle roles, which gets missed in aome of our actors. The film has shouldered on him with Katrina Kaif. Without these guys, this one wouldn’t have been as entertaining it is now. Katrina Kaif steps ahead. You might have never seen such an part of her which she showcases here. Ali Zafar does his job honestly though he gets less time compared to other both.

Its a film that should not be missed if you can still sit clapping those old mild love stories. It is an charming rom-com which does stay overlong than it should have. But give it a try, and you would be out with smiling faces. It doesn’t have anything special because it is so subtle in its own place. Frankly, thats why “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” is an cheering love story. A deserving watch.

Rating- 3/5

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