Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: 'Mausam" is deathly slow.

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Supriya Pathak

Director: Pankaj Kapoor

Length: 2.55 hours approximately

In the love story which director Pankaj Kpoor depicts in form of MAUSAM, you have so many travelings in the film that you wonder, half of the budget of the film is spent on traveling. Believe it or not, MAUSAM provides you more than 10 journeys in its never-ending span. These journeys might have looked different on the paper, but it fails flatly on the celluloid. You don't understand whether it is a journey-trip film or an love story. 

MAUSAM is unbelievably slow on its pace. Infact there is no movement in the script in the first half. You fail to understand, why MAUSAM takes so long to reach the end. Said as a timeless romance, it would have been good if it would have lasted for less-time. The film opens on a fresh note in the village where you have candid guy played by Shahid. The first 45 minutes of the film ends breezily with some countable good scenes, or to be precise, good jokes. Its the romance part between SHahid and Sonam where problems starts popping up. As soon as the first meeting takes place between our love leads, the film plans a complete new sketch where end-less journey comes on the crease. 

The first half finally ends with an uninteresting twist in the tale. The second half of the film does pick pace in a scene or two but then as a whole even second half gets dragged. The whole plot of Shahid's left hand paralysis is simply forced, adding nothing to the story. The climax which comes from nowhere looks engaging but a complete misfit. The love story between the protagonists just doesn't sparkle even for once, thanks to tedious screenplay. 

Shahid plays his part good. He displays sheer talent in the buoyant role he cycles in first 45 minutes. But the moment the film enters air-force podium, Shahid looks lost in the character. Sonam Kapoor disappoints. This one's most forgettable act from her till now, and possibly in her lifetime. Supriya Pathank stands apart and does a wonderful job. Rest all are good, but have no scope in such a saga.

Pritam's music is ordinary. "Rabba" shines because it arrives when MAUSAM is still on track. "Sajh Dhaj K" is energetic. "Ik Tu HI" is another very good song which distracts you from the awful story it is having. But, there are still many songs that pops in which are plain bad. Special mention to cinematography who captures every place in a very rather way and makes them look beautiful. But it is the script, screenplay and direction where MAUSAM sucks the dust.

This one is the film which you won't want even your enemy top witness. If you think SAAWARIYA was a slow film, then think again. Because this one is deathly boring for too many reasons. Its just a warning, that films can be as slower as this. Favor yourself, and better sit at home. 

Rating- 1.5/5

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