Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Bodyguard" is just like another good entertainer.

Cast: Salman Khan, kareen Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Aditya Pancholi.

Director: Siddique

Length: 2.10 hours approximately.

When you have to make a potboiler entertainer, all the basic genres traffic together in your film. BODYGUARD is no different case book. It starts with song then little action, little comedy and lots of love story. Frankly, BODYGUARD had a golden chance to win viewers heart if the director would not have messed up with comedy. The film has an outdated package of comedy from Rajat Rawail who tries so hard to make you laugh but fails badly. Director has an interesting script in his hand, but he takes tedious ways to execute them.

Still BODYGUARD is an good, enjoyable film which goes a notch up in the final 30 minutes where you have action like never seen before and very interesting twists in the tale. In-fact the whole final episode changes your view about the film. It will influence your view and will force you to put some brain on the happening. And for an interesting final reels alone, BODYGUARD is worth the price of your ticket.

The major problem is that, the film gets repetitive in the love story department because it suffers from discordant screenplay written. Some moments are sweet, but the spark in love story, especially in first half, lacks a leg. The comedy also looked force in the narration, where you try so hard to laugh, but you just can’t! Also, music is just ordinary. Title track is strictly average just because you have Two stars shaking legs. Pritam’s I Love You is best amongst the lot. Desi Beat doesnt evoke any excitement. Teri Meri is also a very decent tune followed by I Love You.

Anyways, the film has outstanding action scenes. Two Thumbs Up tyo Vijayan Master whose action plays major part to distract the viewers from the flaws it shares. The film also had good cinematography and the college of Pune (SYMBIOSIS) is very beautifully captured.

No prices to guess, Salman Khan shines like a super star. he displays the shyness, the menacing part of his so confidently that you fall in love with his character. He creates an lovable character out of his written material and delivers a stupendous performance. He is deservingly a Superstar. But, one cannot miss Kareena while boosting BODYGUARD. She is charming and compliments Salman very nicely in this film. How one wish, the director had created a wonderful chemistry out of these two amazing talents. Nevertheless, BODYGUARD is also enjoyable because you will watch two of the biggest stars of Hindi Cinema delivering their one of the best acts in one good film. Rest all plays their part well except rajat Rawail who doesn’t have a single bone of acting.

BODYGUARD might look silly with the kind of end it has, but it keeps you thoroughly engaged in its final minutes and thus you end up watching an good movie. It is not at all action film, because there are hardly 3 action scenes. Nonetheless, its just like another good entertainer which promises you to entertain and it keeps the promise. Watch this film to get relaxed. And if you are die hard Salman Khan fan, then watch this one to relish the success of this film.

Rating- 3/5

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