Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket’s Review: “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” is a roller coaster ride.

Cast: Hritik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, kalki Koechlin
Director: Zoya Akhtar
Length: 2.30 hours approx.

Life is beautiful, just enjoy it. That’s all what this film teach us throughout the 150 minutes of its stay. The same message has been explored aplenty times in Hindi films with a buoyant equations. But, ZINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBARA directed by Zoya Akhtar isn’t just simple in its terms, its also healthy with its topic. Resembling this film with DIL CHAHTA HAI or HANGOVER is something which gives a reason to avoid. But if one watch ZNMD, they will definitely try to avoid such meaningless declarations. This one is one of the best film these decade. And to believe what I say, you have to see the film.

Zoya Akhtar packs just about everything in her film. Though its a male bonding venture, but Zoya being a Lady gives the film its mandatory treatment and puts together many melodious moments. Its a fun and frolic film which keeps on teaching the lessons of life. Now to tell the message, the writers doesn’t pen those melodramatic scenes. Instead, they put collage of adventurous sequences and extracts feelings out of it. And this is the master-stroke of this film. It keeps you involved under the establishment of their story and you soon get into the lives of our male protagonists.  The film keeps on brisking the pace with genuinely funny gags and staunch screenplay and a wonderful script. The also reason why ZNMD is an quality film is because no actor in the film potentates the show because each one does equally flawless acts.

From the very beginning this film sets its area and scores in those same area. It has a innovative genre with fun element being constant. This one gives you a chance to go back to your life and have a breathe of a fun life. The film has three spectacular sport events. First being underwater diving is excellent shot sequence. Then the sky-diving which is the best part of the film. Because that particular scene evokes and uncertain reaction out of you which is worth witnessing. The last inspires you and makes you clap for that which brings an end to a motivating film.

Zoya wins the congratulatory points for extracting outstanding acts from her ensemble cast. Hritik Roshan is an amazing talent. You just go speechless for this big jar of talent. Abhay deol does it yet again. He has been more versatile actor in his early career. He walks neck to neck with the other Two. Farhan is predictably a powerhouse of talent which he switches out of him again. There’s a special feeling watching this guy doing such acts. Katrina Kaif silently lets the boys to hold over. But she is a revelation. Her acting is touching new bar everyday.

ZNMD is a best shot film. The cinematography deserves accolades for mirroring wonderful lands and mountains of Spain. And the film also has that musical feast. SEL rocks again with excellent songs. Each and every song is worth appreciation.

ZNMD is piece of a gem. Though it longs for 2.30 hours, you can’t dare complaint for that because you are having so much fun with it that you might ask for some more. This Year has been so far fantastic with three excellent films like DUM MAARO DUM, DELHI BELLY and now ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA. And it will be understatement to say that the later one is finest amongst all.

The Naseeruddin Shah cameo is another brilliant scene. And topping the benchmark oriented act from Naseeruddin Shah just adds for sheer greatness. The dialogues (both funny and sentimental) are superbly penned by Farhan. Those poetry also has a wonderful meaningful, enhancing the dramatic impact. While the first hour goes on with many funny conversation and jokes, the second hour crafts the drama and two excellent adventurous shots, one being in the finale.

From a terrific writing strokes to wonderful execution of plot to spot-on music and remarkable performances, ZNMD is a roller-coaster ride. No film, barring 3 IDIOTS and now ZNMD has argued me of giving it above 4 star rating. I will restrict myself from rating above 4 stars, but ZNMD doesn’t need any kind of rating if once it is watched. Its an engaging experience which you will carry home and will linger for long time in your life.  Let go yourself, and enjoy the film as well as the life. Its as simple as that.

Rating- 4/5

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