Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket’s Review: “Singham” has mind blowing drama with super hit action.

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Prakash Raj, Kajal Aggarwal
Director: Rohit Shetty
Length: 2.20 hours approx.

If  you are searching logic in SINGHAM, then you will have bad experience watching this one. But logic-less action films like WANTED, DABANGG had done amazing things with the audience.  And if WANTED, DABANGG works then SINGHAM will work better. Rohit Shetty honestly attempts at the direction without making changes to the original version. It is a film for the public who want to roar at the film, shout at the dialogues, whistle at the action and clap after the antagonist is killed.! That’s all what SINGHAM provides in the most isolated manner of action. In the first few minutes of the film Ajay devgn hits a goon who literally bounces like a dancing ball. Yes, literally! After that scene, you actually understand that what you will see in next couple of hours in the film.

Now SINGHAM applies same formula of Protagonist vs Antagonist where you have gold heartened Hero and brutal villain. From the beginning itself SINGHAM looks like an old action film and it celebrates it later. That’s the reason why this one works amazingly. Note the first confrontation between Ajay Devgn and Prakash Raj which is the best scene of the film. That is probably one of the best scenes this decade. Also the climax of the film which will definitely bring a loud reaction out of you. The character of Prakash raj is so deftly written that you are against his character aggressively and you enjoy Ajay Devgn hitting Prakash Raj in the end.

The drama between Ajay and Prakash Raj extinguishing fire in the tale is very enjoyable. Their each and every dialogue reflects aggression and you deeply get inside their characters.  The action scenes, are very new and very rash. You haven’t seen such in any hindi film. The scene at the theater is absolutely terrific.  The major thing why SINGHAM is immensely enjoyable is because that both Action and Drama works wheel within wheel and without a single preachy scene.

The only deterrent is the music. Three songs are placed and each are completely forgettable.  This is the only hiccup in this otherwise entertaining film. Though there is nothing like a script in the film but still the film manages to engage their viewer. You don’t even think of story in those 2.20 hours of time. The dialogues are simply wonderful and extra-ordinarily delivered by these two.  And of course there is comedy as well. Some one-liners are hilarious especially the one mouthed by Ashok Saraf.

Its Ajay Devgn who potentates the whole show. Sure there are awards awaiting for this  class act. Prakash Raj is talented in fat amount and this film shows it all. Kajal Aggarwal looks good and acts like she was expected, okay.

SINGHAM works for that mind blowing dramatic moments and super hit action scenes. If you liked WANTED, DABANGG, then you will love SINGHAM. If you loved WANTED, DABANGG, then you would like to give an oscar to SINGHAM> to know what i meant, you must watch this one. Don’t hesitate meeting this Lion. Roar with him.

Rating- 4/5

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