Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Ragini Mms" is an audacious try

Cast: Kainaz Motivala, Rajkumar Yadav

Director: Pawan Kripalani

Length: 1.45 hours approximately

Not often we observe something new in hindi films. The new film called RAGINI MMS is a sex-horror with a real shooting direction. Like LOVE SEX AUR DHOKA even this one is made with handy-cams to depict real feel. Not completely spooky or not an intimacy filled film, but RAGINI MMS is about a story and an smart story. Well the moment all cards are revealed, you come across pure satisfaction which the film provides. It is not that stale formulaic horror and that is it’s biggest asset. It is an difficult task to pick such diplomatic genres. Very handful of public gives it a go, where family stays miles away but still it is attempted.

RAGINI MMS strikes the chord from word go, when the date begins in a haunted mansion. The film is immensely supported by its sharp editing and excellent background score and brings the excitement in huge amount. This is the film which has loads of intrinsic humor and some deadly horror portions bring awes on your faces. It is not that film where the actors tries to potentate the show on their shoulders, but a film that has immense talent.

RAGINI MMS is just about 1.45 hours of cinema but it has its share of negatives too. The second hour gets dragged when they try to prevent their card too much and throwing everything aside. It gets disappointing to get uneasy after enjoying the superb first hour. It has very combating climax, thanks to smart suspense which will definitely be the talk after the show gets over. But the screenplay looses the hand post the intermission and script just takes a halt for a while you wonder. They could have easily brought some more of horror in the show but they attend at comedy and romance a lot.

But all said and done, RAGINI MMS is an audacious try from the maker. Unconventional cinema is needed in abundant, and RAGINI MMS honestly does that. It’s genre, well an unique resembles the Hollywood flick “Paranormal Activity” but its plot stands oppositely. It was not garnished with humor, where this one has good humor in its bucket. The screenplay though gets away from second hour, but it has strong hold over first hour. The script is refreshing for sure.

Another disappointment is the music. Even the old song has been unconvincingly introduced and gives you the feel of unnecessary interruption. The songs should have been trimmed for a better impact.

Pawan’s direction is incredibly amazing. He gives the film its heart. He also is a winner to bring noteworthy performances from his duo. Both Rajkumar Yadav and Kaizan Motivala does justice to their roles and plays their part honestly.

It won’t be the best film of the year, but definitely will bring the chat amongst the person who has seen it. It has suspense value and keeps you hooked in the premise and you are eagerly waiting to see the end. And that is the best reason why RAGINI MMS deserves a watch. Yes the screenplay and music touches wrong shades, but that is not enough to spoil the entire energy they applied. Don’t miss it.

Rating- 3/5

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