Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Luv Ka The End" is watch-able fare

Cast: Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah

Director: Bumpy

Length: 1.45 hours approx.

What does one teen film includes? No prizes to guess…the same old stereotype characters. This latest teen film carries one girl-next-door girl, her obsessed best friend, her hot looking boy-friend and gym trendy friend and some intolerable elders. But these characters are the vital and only reason why LUV KA THE END is watch-able fare. Yes of-course the film has many defects in pieces that comes along to play in second half which gets easily predictable and tiring after a point.

The film sounds quite high with the youngistan and bachelors because every now and then some hot stud or a beauty girl is introduced and they stays for couple of minutes by making one witty dialogue. That’s it. The screenplay that goes for a turn in second half and the script that is already flawed that spoils the momentum post-intermission. But the first half is enjoyable because the fun games are played in every few minutes and there is no time to have a space from the proceedings. Director Bumpy attempts honestly at his project which is observed in first half, but its second half which lets everything on floors. Frankly, LUV KA THE END is not properly balanced in the proportion of entertainment. When the first half is very entertaining, the second half looses the grip miserably.

Now the music is very ordinary where the title track that oftenly is utilized as back-ground and the “Mutton” track is decent. But the other songs and even the stale background music leads uneasiness at times. Ram Sampat’s music has ample of scope but he fails impressing. Oh, who misses the Ali Zafar song! Who appears in one stage music song, but keeps nothing in the kitty of this uneven film. The film runs in comic tone in first half where the humor may not be smart but the witty characters and their witty dynamics that makes first half briskly paced. The dialogues are no new, where Bumpy’s direction has good moves from beginning.

LUV KA THE END has some fine performances to look for. Shraddha Kapoor leads it from front. Her gorgeous looks and her well toned portrayal gives the film its soul. She steals the show fro everyone and she becomes one big reason why to watch this film. Taaha Shah is enough talented to stay in Bollywood. In-fact he superbly compliments his co-star in this film. But along with this new coupling, its also their friend’s active support that takes LUV KA THE END to a colorful end. Packed with mostly new faces, everyone in the relation with the protagonist’s does admirable work. But I would like mention Shraddha’s best friend who is overweighed and still is active gusty girl among the sides.

Bumpy who is know for directing youth oriented TV shows, now creates a film. Not exactly good, but an above average film which appeals the youth. What would have been the saving grace is the screenplay and script. The erratic screenplay post interval and poor script lets LUV KA THE END down in second half. But there are enough reasons to watch it once. The supreme acts, the strong first half and some poignant moments as well. Go in for some fun and chill without expecting a lot and you may enjoy more than how much I did.

Rating- 2.5/5

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