Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Double Dhamaal" is loud but simply funny

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffery, Mallika Sherawat, Ritesh Deshmukh, Ashish Choudhary, Kangana Ranaut

Director: Indra Kumar

Length: 2.15 hours approx.

Double isn’t the perfect word to describe the comedy of this sequel comparing its prequel. Since it’s a sequel, the comparisons are must. The earlier one had some plot to speak of. There was basic motive in the story. Here, there is absolute zero story. But that doesn’t imply that this offering is a bad one. In-fact this one has many rollicking gags one after another. And to compress in one line, DOUBLE DHAMAAL is simply funny. You don’t understand why are you laughing on these so many haywire gags, but the point is you are laughing on it. It’s a film that has the potential to bring the house down and their performers deserve the credit to turn even a poor gag into a good chuckle of laughs.

The film doesn’t suddenly bring you to a new land, but it takes you in its prequel. Yes, the bits from the first installment are placed in the start to re-establish the characters. Also for the people who might have missed the prequel, can know what DOUBLE DHAMAAL will turn out later. The first one was full of unadulterated jokes and about the 5 greedier guys. And the difference here is that there are many double meaning jokes cracked and the glamour quotient is on the peak of its own. The makers have spiced up this film by the inclusion of Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut.

It’s not possible for any film to keep their audience laughing throughout the film. DOUBLE DHAMAAL is no exception. The problem with this film is that there is no screenplay. One after another gag is cracked without any movement in its plot. But between one gag to another gag, the film stumbles because they are unable to keep the viewers engaged due to lack of any kind of story. And this is the big reason why DOUBLE DHAMAAL isn’t a complete entertainer. Also the film lags in the music department. The songs are poorly placed. Four songs and none of them are enjoyable barring “Jalebi Bai”, thanks to Mallika’s extra-suggestive moves. The songs come as a break and that spoils the momentum. The climax also gets lousy and it’s a tame end to a good comedy. One wonders, what the need of the songs in this film was! But all said and done, the outcome is a texture of some hilarious moments and amusing one-liners.

The film does its job in keeping the viewers happy and smiled throughout the film, though with recurring glitches. If one watches for comedy and only comedy, DOUBLE DHAMAAL is a grand treat. There are several moments you want to stand up and whistle loudly. Though they are few, but they are genuinely recommended to laugh for more time.

The film belongs to everyone. Sanjay Dutt doesn’t have too much of comedy, but he has enough scope. Mallika Sherawat does what she was expected to do. Her item number deserves a special applause. Kangana Ranaut fails to throw a surprise. Ritesh Deshmukh is very good. Arshad Warsi is outstanding as the Sardar. Ashish Choudhary gives his career best act especially in ladies wearing. Javed Jaffery is simply rocking as the dumb member of the jokers.

Indra Kumar doesn’t exploit anything great on the celluloid, but he definitely manages to keep the film on a good bar. The sequels are always bigger than it’s previous and so the burden of expectation remain on topper side. DOUBLE DHAMAAL gives you enough moments to laugh and roll on your seat and makes you feel your money worth. But we wish there was a screenplay written. If there was even little story, then DOUBLE DHAMAAL would have been on a different notch. But as for now, it’s a film that is loud but simply funny. The another name I would have preferred for this film is “Don’t Bring Brains”. Go for comedy.

Rating- 3/5

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