Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: “Delhi Belly” is out of this world

Cast: Imraan Khan, Kunal Roy kapoor, Vir Das, Shehnaz Treasurywala, Vijay Raaz

Director: Abhinay Deo

Length: 1.35 hours approximate

Bollywood has been expecting a path-breaking cinema from long time. And “Delhi Belly” finishes the expectations. At the end when you complete watching the film, you actually can’t decide whether you should love the film (for its out of the world content) or hate it(for the extra-bold factors). Love it, or hate it, but don’t ignore this film. The film though is situated in the premise of Delhi, but the culture it follows is out of this innocent world.

The film carries on slowly. From beginning itself, Delhi Belly hits the right note by engaging us in the plot it creates. And then soon when everything is set, the gimmicks and those funny one-liners start falling from everywhere. The screenplay is coherent because there are many tracks in the film and each one is handled with aplomb. The film has a thick humor stapled with an tightly penned script. From one sequence to another one, Delhi Belly keeps you hooked. And the “aandhi” which comes in almost all minutes of the film will bring those nail-biting moments as well. From top to bottom, Delhi Belly is a master-stroke from every point of view. I also would like to mention the imagination of the script-writer who manages to bring every “aandhi” in the film on the right time without giving a single dull scene in it.

“Delhi Belly” is an audacious attempt on the name of cinema. The way it has been treated, will definitely bring talks for hours even after the show gets end. The film doesn’t abruptly bring the conclusion. There is nothing like a climax in the film, but an end to it with different mannerisms. It’s that kind of film, which can either fell flat on face or in contrary can bounce as a superb film. Fortunately, it bounces and how!

Delhi Belly shares some blemishes as well. The Aamir Khan’s item induced in the end doesn’t suit the film in any case. Even the choreography is flawed for that particular song. Even though the film is just 95 minutes long, you feel that there should be a time-out for few minutes. Because even those 95 minutes looks lengthy if the break is not provided.

But these negatives gets kicked when you have such a boggling film over your eyes. Another thing which works for the film is ram Sampath’s excellent music score. “Swity tera Pyaar Chaida” goes on for few seconds, but definitely makes an impact. “Jaa Chudail” will be remembered for its timing, because it arrives at an hilarious moment. “Nakkadwaley disco” is not well utilized. But the favorite, “Dk Bose” is the high point of this flick. The moment it arrives, the enjoyment bumps out of you and you feel like nodding with the tune. How we wish, “Dk Bose” had more time to stay rather than for a background score.
Delhi Belly also belongs to the performers. Imraan Khan is the best guy in the whole film. It’s a very isolated shade that has come out of him and he does it terrifically. Vir Das performs well. Kunal Roy Kapoor, is a man to stay here. Shehnaz Treasurywala impressed in her little role. Vijay Raaz is excellent. Poorna Jagannadh lends a very good act.

Missing DELHI BELY is a crime. This crime-comedy will evoke laughter’s and excitement. You are very bothered to know how the film will conclude. At span of few minutes, you will see some Shit happened with excellent sequences. DELHI BELLY is the best film of the year so far. A great start to second half of 2011.

Rating- 4/5

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