Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sanket’s Review: “Mere dad ki Maruti” is fun till it lasts.

Cast: Saqib Salem, Rhea Chakraborthy, Ram Kapoor, Prabal Panjabi, Ravi Kissen

Director: Ashima Chibber

Length: 1.40 hours approximately

Set in Chandigarh’s middle class family’s wedding ceremony, MERE DAD KI MARUTI is a film that never quite tries too hard to be funny, and resulting into a good breezy time-pass. The film never takes itself too seriously which reflects in the way story is being side kicked just to imply other elements like that raunchy dance number performed in post-interval portion by the bride in her marriage ceremony which leaves the whole viewing clout in shock and embarrassment including her family, except her mom who thoroughly enjoys it. It brings pain in your mouth while laughing and remains the memorable part of the enterprise. Although, the film as a whole isn’t any unforgettable cinema, but its fun while it lasts.

The film starts on steadily and it never takes its time to construct the premise. In-fact, the film has the story moving along speedily despite a wafer-thin plot. The humor mostly sparks out of the bickering between a good-for-nothing son and his miser, loud father. The moments between Saqib Salem and Ram Kapoor have very conventional dialogues so as to feel the character real and therefore the humor strikes the chord. However, there is Prabal Panjabi as our hero’s buddy who along with Saqib Salem also gives some comical fires like they together did in this production’s last film MUJHSE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE.

But the film doesn’t holds up post-interval. While the silly story revolves around small time goons like Ravi Kissen or the Car renting family, but the gags put there falls flat occasionally. Slapstick is done charmingly at places, but its more of a situational comedy and therefore the viewers expect a lot more comical exchanges in the plot like we see in regular Rohit Shetty and Pridarshan comic fares. Nonetheless, if not anything else, then the climax will definitely serve you your money back. Its hilariously set and it surely will leave you asking for more.

The film benefits from some energetic songs like “Punjabiyaan di battery” and “Main senti hoon” and also the filmy but entirely elegant choreography of the songs. The dialogues have its lingo set majorly for youthful watchers and the lines are really funny. The cinematography is cool giving us mesmeric early morning views of beautiful city like Chandigarh. The screenplay plays a part in bits and pieces like in that hilarious climax. Ashima Chibber knows her job and she knows how to handle comic portions.

Saqib Salem once again surprises. He has certain charm which displays equal blend of confidence and acting talent and this is what sets him on the right track. Ram Kapoor gives film some of its best dialogues. In one line he says that his son is good example of why other people eat up their own child. Outrageous but relatable that line, it instantly picks you up and throw you in the world of MERE DAD KI MARUTI. Ram Kapoor shines in a role which suits him. Rhea Chakraborthy plays the beauty without brain measure very well. Her over the top expressions will leave you giggling. Prabal Panjabi once again makes his presence feel and he is just fantastic in the scene where he claims that he is suffering from financial clutches.

MERE DAD KI MARUTI is just 100 minutes long, but still a refreshing entertainer. It has a very routine and predictable plot, but it plays on as situational comic affair, and in that it succeeds nonetheless.

Rating – 3/5 (Good)

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