Saturday, 29 December 2012

Worst films of 2012- My views.

WORSTS of 2012-

10. EKK DEEWANA THA: Remake of a south film, "Ekk tha deewana" is painfully long even at modest run-time of 140 minutes. Even Rahman's music score fails to inject life in the film. Not completely unbearable, thanks to few adorable moments in first half, but for the most part its a film that bores you!

9. TERI MERI KAHAANI After sharing crackling chemistry in "Kaminey", this combo of Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra leaves you exhausted in "Teri Meri Kahaani". The major hiccup lies in the second half where the film travels back to 1910. Not even modicum of charm of that era is been brought on by screen by Kunal Kohli.

8. AJAB GAZAB LOVE: A terribly messed up film! The film draws so much of room for comedy but it ends up with dramatic bits, and very poor ones. What crap!

7. BITTOO BOSS: In its slightly creative story, the director creates joke of it. Clearly, the director has forgotten his basics or he is still to learn them. Even the actors cast cannot do much in their acting.  Wastage of opportunity in truest sense.

6. SHANGHAI: Its very difficult for one to believe that "Shahnghai" is made by the same person who, in past, has delivered delicious films like "Khosla ka Ghosla" and "Oye lucky lucky oye". "Shanghai" fails in its core subject- drama. The film fails to boast of any dramatic moments or any unpredictability in its story. Instead, Banerjee throws few random funny scenes which are funny, but not much to save the film!

5. KHILADI 786: If at all "Khiladi 786" could have been entertaining than that was possible only if at-least one hour of the film was chopped off! The film has as many as six songs, but you don't complain because Reshammiya's songs are good if not great, but not as boring and painful as the film is. You ask for mercy sitting through its run because with every scene the film only drowns. Everything falls in place so easily that you wonder if at all the script was written!

4. DANGEROUS ISHQQ- The film has few good songs and an earnest performance from Karishma Kapoor who returns back to screen after a hiatus. But sadly that is not enough to save the film from its countless plot-holes! The Punjab portion of the film is fairly acceptable, but the rest is just incredibly poor.

3. AIYYAA- Poorly scripted and equally ill directed, "Aiyyaa" offers you a good patience test. The film lasts longer than it should have and its outrageous comedy only embarrassed me. Despite of three wonderfully choreographed song, thrown needlessly in the narration though, "Aiyyaa" is simply bad.

2. DEPARTMENT: RGV known for his incorrigible camera shaking direction, goes one step ahead in "Department". He not only shakes the camera, but he manages to shake the film too. I am sure even RGV would have got bored creating this flawed action-thriller. What was the film trying to convey, still remains a million dollar question!

1. JISM 2: Earlier this year in my review of "Jism2" I had suggested a suitable tagline for the film- "to watch this film is to laugh", pretty much on the lines of its original - "to love her is to die". Its a peculiar thing to notice that even a sex film can bore you so much! Bhatts en-cashing on sex is not the first time, but they surely did not make as terrible a film as "Jism 2". Poor Leone! who had a bad start in Bollywood, where otherwise she could have managed a respectable commence! No pun-intended. 

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