Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Box Office Predictions of KHILADI 786

Riding on the super success of ROWDY RATHORE and HOUSEFULL2, Akshay Kumar is back with his Khiladi franchise. KHILADI 786 stars Asin, Himesh Reshammiya along with Akshay Kumar. Directed by Ashish R Mohan, this film is about to release on 7th December. The film has got a good music score which created the buzz around, but the film has just two weeks to perform before the magnum opus DABANGG 2.

Opening day- 12.75cr

If word of mouth is good,

Weekend 1- 40cr

Week 1- 62cr

Lifetime- 98cr

If word of mouth is mixed,

Weekend 1- 38.5cr

Week 1- 57cr

Lifetime- 78cr

If word of mouth is bad,

Weekend 1- 37.5cr

Week 1- 55cr

Lifetime- 66cr


  1. how sneakily he did not mention OMG lol despite being in the title role, producing it and having a important supporting role throughout 2nd half.

  2. He has got wide credit for OMG if it was SA it would said on film or taran update would of shown SA. If this logic is to be accepted then we should not add tzp to amir's hit list as an actor as he had same time frame, akki had over 35 40 mins role which is a supporting role and appearing on all the posters. he play the title role of god.

  3. great say and logically it is correct.

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  4. Akshay kumar had a 50 Min role in Oh My God..!!

  5. yeh around that which is a full fledged supporting role and a important title role. he promoted it, created the buzz and featured in all posters. A cameo role is less than 30 minutes, over that is supporting role. Why not say then aamir was in a cemeo in tzp or sunny deol in damini? Hate the hypocrisy, film hit hogaya now to take that credit away they say guest appearance. If it was sa then on the credits they would of said special thanks to akshay, but they didn't do that like with sonakshri, prabhu deva

  6. and however people try to reduce akki's role in omg, they can't take away the contribution, this film wouldn't have had any buzz if he wasn't involved, he promoted the film like his own film, film worked due to wom also but had akki not been involved this film would not get any pre release buzz or high level of promotion.

  7. sorry boss!! If accepted the lifetime will shoot upto 125cr+ minimum!! If mixed also the movie in its lifetime will definitely touch 100cr but if rejected the movie will end up within 65cr! Its releasing on 2786screens!! The opening day will be no less than 14.5-15cr!!

    Weekend will definitely touch 50cr beating Dabangg and can even beat Holiay release ra.one and bodyguard's weekend collection records!! ETT cannot be touched thats for sure!! 1week shoul be 82cr if accepted and if it gets very mixed response then around 70cr week is guaranteed!!

  8. Kismat Khan- Akshay Kumar is a superstar. If he plays second fiddle to someone like Paresh Rawal, that too in a petty role, how do you expect anyone to say its an Akshay Kumar Film.

    And Akshay had a role of 50 mins? The second half alone was of just one hour in which Paresh Rawal had lengthier role.