Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sanket’s Review: “Ferrari Ki Sawaari” definitely deserves a chance.

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritvik Sahore, Paresh Rawal.

Director: Rajesh Mapuskar

Length: 2.15 hours approximately.

In an early scene Sharman Joshi with his kid on his moped, ends up breaking the signal unintentionally but fails to find a traffic inspector to p[ay the penalty. So the moment he finds an inspector few paths ahead, he pays it and indirectly it decodes as a message to his son about sincerity. And if you feel this is over-the-top, then yes, FERRARI KI SAWAARI is a total over-the-top film. There are two stories which revolve in and the director smartly amalgamates both and finds a smoother part out of it. The first being a big dream of a middle class son and his dad and the other one being the lost Ferrari car.

Not entirely satisfying, the first takes haywire situations. There are many plot stuck in the film and each one has two sides to it. Devoid of simplicity, these plots are funny but at times dragged. Some scenes which are surely unnecessary are pulled so much that it becomes tasteless like the one where a politician’s son wants to have a Ferrari drive in his marriage ceremony. The whole plot is contrived and mostly juvenile. But the moments in the beginning when things are easy, lightens up the atmosphere.

But its second half where things speed up! The emotions are extracted in right proportion without giving away the peppy fun look what the film has. In final few minutes, FERRARI KI SAWAARI takes it momentum at all time high and ends up with a sweet note. If you like to see films where the colony members of the protagonists rejoices the sixes and fours of the protagonist and they come out of their house and hover all around, then this one well could be a summer gift to you.

The script may not be that tight because of some bizarre plots indulged unnecessarily. But Rajesh Mapuskar shows his ability and excels in what he does. Come to think of it, its not an easy project, because if the emotions are out of zenith or the comedy is very bad then such films sink without a trace. But thankfully Rajesh Mapuskar is blessed with enough aesthetics and knows how to make the audience part of the film. And that is why this film definitely deserves a watch. Music is fine, though the choreography of “Mala Jau De” is mediocre. The editing especially in first half should have been crispier.

Sharman Joshi delivers a crackling performance as a helpless yet hard-working Dad and a son. He remains in sync for every second. Boman Irani does superb in his role. His expressions are so natural that you connect to his life instantly. Ritvik Sahore as a sensible and outstanding cricketer does his role with aplomb. All supporting cast is amazing. Director deserves special mention for having so many characters and yet drawing good performances from each.

FERRARI KI SAWAARI is a good family cinema. In today’s times it’s a rare such cinema which will bring the families together. Despite of few blemishes, the film works and definitely touches you.

Rating- 3/5 (Good) 

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