Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good script, bad treatment!

I am naming those films which I thought had good script but failed on directional ground. The list is in no specific order.

HEROES (Samir Karnik)- If thought deeply, the script of the film was really, really interesting! The way the two guys set a trip to film a project on three different families was very innovative. But director ruined the film. First track of Salman and Preity was very good but later two were intolerable especially because they looked way too superficial and even the actors seemed very disinterested.

KITES (Anurag Basu)- Who would have dared to pen a story where the female protagonist don’t know any other language except Spanish! There was enormous passion for love (the climax says it), but Anurag Basu was not quite capable to bring it on celluloid efficiently. Also the treatment was too sober. I expected it to be fast and brisk, but it had a lazy pace.

MURDER 2 (Mohit Suri)- There were enough moments in the film where Suri tried his level best to make the film engaging, but he miserable failed because there are many scenes which are unimaginably dragged. Emraan Hashmi not believing in God was direct rip-off from his own AWAARAAPAN. The script was good because there were several turns in the film.

BADMAASH COMPANY (Parmeet Sethi)- Interesting on paper but boring on screen! I wonder why the director wasted his time Shahid Kapoor-Anupam Kher track! Also, instead of being youthful and happening the film refrained itself to filmy limits (the whole second half). The cons were written carefully and also executed well but second half was surely ailing, thanks to director’s failure.

AARAKSHAN (Prakash Jha)- Genuinely lost opportunity, I must say. I mean there were so many contrast characters in the film and Jha didn’t bother explaining a single character in detail. I mean, Amitabh Bachchan character was so complex. The film failed for me because I was not able to sympathize with the character Amitabh played. It could well be even writer’s fault but then Jha made the film repetitive post-intermission because every alternate scene was Amitabh teaching the students “Yeh toh easily done ho gaya”! If the film runs for 160 minutes I expect atleast one character that plays central role should be defined properly.

7 KHOON MAAF (Vishal Bhardwaj)- There was quite an interesting twist in last few minutes of the film, but by then I was so bored that even miracle would have not changed my perception. The problem here was that director stretched few stories to death like the John Abraham one or the one of that Russian man. Such films need to have momentum every second and the film lacked it. When it’s all about killing, the director doesn’t even show clearly the way they are killed.  

SARKAR RAJ (Ram Gopal Verma)- What a bore! RGV uses the same dark light and nails the film under that focus. Not a problem, but I wish RGV would have been more concerned about his work. To be honest, the script wasn’t an great one but at-least it had many good scenes written and also an twist in the tale (which RGV failed to keep unpredictable). Few scenes were really not necessary. King-size disappointment for me!

I will add more as I come to think of them.

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