Friday, 27 April 2012

Sanket's Review: "Tezz" is absorbing action-thriller.

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Boman Irani, Anil kapoor, Sameera Reddy, Mohanlal, Zayed Khan, Kangana Ranaut.

Director: Priyadasrhan

Length: 2 hours approximately

In TEZZ, there are so many Indians everywhere that you fail to understand if its London or India, The officers could crack their ego just to overshadow another officer and this all takes place when the question is about uncountable lifes, The bomber is recognized because he is abusing. Now all this seems too damn cheesy. Upon that you have a story which makes you wonder if the director even had a script before he actually started up direction! The plot is so contrived and conventional that leaves you thinking how such big faces has agreed upon this story! Well, the answer is the director Priyadarshan who has experience of largest extent in film-making. The way Priyan presents you TEZZ, you remain surprised that how you got engaged in the film despite it has so many bloopers.

The first half of TEZZ is boring and hugely pointless to be honest. The director doesn't even bother to spend five minutes in giving details about why these three are bombing! When the question remain unanswered, you fail to give any sympathy to the characters. The director tries his level best to keep the pace on high level, but he misses out as there's no story to cover up. Though there are few good scenes in first half like that chase scene of Sameera Reddy just before the intermission or that intense argument between Boman Irani and Anil Kapoor! 

But if TEZZ is overall an absorbing action-thriller than credit it to a riveting and amazing second half which never let your eyes flip! Stunningly executed and briskly paced the second hour gives you many edge-off-the-seat moment. Also the story actually starts revolving in the film pot-intermission. The climax looks bit quite filmy, but still it has convincing end. Second half enhances the level of TEZZ's efficiency.

"Laila" and "Tere Bina" lands up in first half when already the things are not so good for the film. The cinematographer deserves accolades for his fantastic job. Priyadarshan as expected does brilliant job. The way film was scripted, it could've gone worsen if not given in hands of talent like Priyan. Kudos! the action scenes are superb, but the scene which stands out is the chase scene between Anil kapoor and Zayed Khan after the interval. That particular scene has so much of intensity that it force you to spare many of the film's misgivings.

Boman Irani shines away in his role. he has been given too much of screen space in first half and he rocks it. Ajay Devgn does good job but his role was too dull. Anil Kapoor as officer portrays his part convincingly. Sameera Reddy, Zayed Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Mohanlal all has very little to do. Its pleasure watching Mohanlal on screen. Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy aren't quite good, where Kangana is decent.

TEZZ has an strictly average first half, but excellent second half which makes up for a good film all together. Also it has three good performances to its positives and also some really heartening chase sequences with terrific action parts. The film may have dearth of any logic, especially in first hour, also it may not convince you to have sympathy with the bombers, but then the positives side of the film is too bright which pushes TEZZ on a higher notch. If good two hours of entertainment is your demand, then TEZZ will surely supply it. 

Rating- 3/5 (Good)

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