Sunday, 29 April 2012

Best of 2010 (Actors)

5. Arshad Warsi (Ishqiya)- As a crude thief Arshad had sparkling screen presence. His rowdiness was very effective and at same side he also does a marvelous in the scene where seduces Vidya Balan. It’s a riveting act from Arshad and he remains one of the best things in the film.

4. Hritik Roshan (Guzaarissh)- In a depressing and not so happening film there was a silver line in the film and the face saving element of the film and that is the protagonist Hritik Roshan who packs himself as a paralyzed illusionist. His anger, his fun side, his wittiness and most importantly his pain, everything is so perfectly displayed that you cannot ignore him for a second in this film.

3. Salman Khan (Dabangg)- In my books this has been Salman Khan’s best performance of his career and there’s huge difference between his this one and the runner-up performance by him. Right from his look to his movements, Salman Khan did a perfect job. The major reason for such a surprise act by Salman according to me is because he has enjoyed himself while acting and has been quite candid with whatever he has done. And it was a role which no-one would have done it as efficiently as the Khan does.

2. Shahrukh Khan (My Name Is Khan)- The role SRK plays in this film is the most challenging and demanding role in recent times. SRK is in sync and he excels in every second. Notice him in the scene where Kajol agrees up to marry him- his shy, his happiness, his joy everything is outstandingly enacted. His dialogue delivery was another master stroke. This one is SRK’s best no doubt in his whole career. Bravura!

1. Ronit Roy (Udaan)- As a stringent dad, Ronit Roy has done his work honestly. Terrific in a word! He does his work so amazingly that he creates a violent feeling inside the viewer against him and that’s exactly what was required to get the film on right track. Ronit Roy’s confidence was clear and he seemed very much in the character. Two big thumbs and It did not really took me time to choose the best one.

Special Mention- Raghubir Yadav (Peepli Live) as nattha’s brother, Rajat barmecha (Udaan), Hritk Roshan (Kites), Manu Sharma (Phas Gaya Re Obama), Ranbir (Raajneeti), Manoj bajpai (Raajneeti), Ajay devgn (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai), Rishi kapoor (Do Dooni Chaar)

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