Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sanket's Review: "Pappu Cant Dance Saala" isn't surprising but an watchable affair.

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor

Director: Saurabh Shukla

Length: 2.05 hours approximately

In one of the funniest scene in this week's PAPPU CANT DANCE SAALA, Vinay Patahk's role who is man of principles, ethics and culture makes an argument with room-mate Neha Dhupia, who is frank, open and fahionate fgirl. The argument sells us the scene where Vinay pathak argues to sleep on his own bed, and ends up doing that. But soon Neha Dhupia lands up on bed making it awkward for the right guy. Its such silly buoyancy in this film making it a fun film, especially the first half. Its not exactly a good film, though not even miles away from being a good film.

The first half offers too much of banter between Neha DHupia and Vinay Pathak which is relatable argument though its funny. The two finds it hard to search a home and decides to stay in a Sales Tax society where they are not allowed. The film pushes its pace as it goes ahead, also because the narration is fluent and without many glitches. Though not exactly pacy, but still its an enjoyable and entertainig first half.

The problem stuffs up in second half where both the character feels lonely, which our writer has not managed to show in a way which could have been the right one. Also it becomes all of sudden for both to take the decision which separates them. The whole Banaras portion is annoying and over the top. Also the end which comes without any conflicts, becomes just an another end of could-have-been-better rom-com.

Mumbai's lanes have been picturised well by the cinematographer. Also the music works, though the neha Dhupia item song post-interval isnt happening. Still the softness in some songs goes wheel within wheel with first half. Saurabh SHukla does a appreciable job. He handles some scenes truly well like the one when Rajat Kapoor as a choreographer offers the female dancers to take off their tops and skirts or to leave the space. Its dramatically excellent sequence made with utmost intensity.

Vinay Pathak and Neha Dhupia's roles who are inherently decent people are excellently prtrayed by the two respectively. Their arguments are meaningful and humorous and they make them look even better with their skill. Rajat Kapoor is mingled with a cliched character who has no importance in the story.

The worn out second half, does set the boundaries of entertainment, but still on the whole, its still an watchable film, though not surprising.

Rating- 2.5/5 (Above Average)

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