Friday, 2 December 2011

Sanket's Review: "The Dirty Picture" is over-ambitious.

Cast: Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Tushar Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi

Director: Milan Lutharia

Length: 2.25 hours approximately

This week's new film THE DIRTY PICTURE based on a south Indian actress Silk, is more of a documentary film with lots of fiction. The film has too much of sex and the director expects depicts this sex-drama under dark lights to bring the feel of reality. Frankly, its just an another project, or an biopic which ends up being over-ambitious.

The clutch lies in the presentation by the director. Its quite an lazy direction from Milan Lutharia which becomes major setback for the film. The idea which seems interesting from promos is very boring if you see it in totality. Also the screenplay looks cliched. The film has watchable and partly enjoyable first half with many whistle-deserving dialogues by Rajat Arora and also the seducive "Ooh La La". The film starts off well but soon, the momentum slowens, though not quicly. The interesting point is interval where you have our female lead providing a healthy monologue about what she is and what she was. In short, the first half doesn't disappoint as much as the post intermission parts does.

When the lights are switched off again, soon the film's remained modicum charm also despises. The drama never just builds up, because its direction which gets lousy. The two songs in second half is surely an endurance test. The written material for Vidya Balan gets boring and pointless. You don't exactly understand why so much of depression is carried on her part, and that too suddenly! Surely its screenplay which fizzles. Emraan Hashmi' heart melting for her comes as a forceful addition. Also the climax isn't convincing.

If there's something to cheer about, than its Rajat Arora who saves this one through some terrific dialogues. His dialogues bridges gap in first half. Music is below Average if you take "Ooh La La" out of it.

Its Vidya Balan and Naseeruddin Shah who performs brilliant.Vidya Balan no doubt is superb. Her remarkable acting stapled with Rajat Arora's amazing dialogues, makes Silk an wonderful and engaging character. Naseeruddin Shah is taken off the screen post-intermission but still he amazes and how! He totally rocks in his character and also he has some witty one-liners. Emraan Hashmi is saddled with uninspiring role and an tad long voiceover. He disappoints with his acting. Tushar Kapoor shows again how to cringe the viewers in embarrasment. His acting is going downhill, if removed out of "Golmaal" series.

If expected entertaining ride from THE DIRTY PICTURE, than you are surely to be left disappointed. Coherency is something that this one desperately needed in its rhythm. Apart from two good acts, Rajat Arora's dialogues and the dance number, there is nothing in the film. And thats why for this three reasons- Its watchable once with zero expectations.

Rating- 2/5

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