Wednesday, 28 December 2011

5 things bollywood should learn from 2011- Sanket's opinion

When I say bollywood, i mean every single person related to bollywood.

5. DON2- Its the film thats having good run at box office showing good trending. But it is a film that should cater at all and not only at clas audience because its a sequel to a film which was a remake to a total joyride. The "no-songs" strategy isn't a good indication for a film to fetch good amount at mass oriented places.

4. DAMAADAMM - Releasing with Ra.One shows how overtly the producers were over-estimating their film. Making couple of crores at box office, it got immensely unnoticed because of a hurricane called Ra.One.

3. DOUBLE DHAMAAL- Its for distributors- do not judge a film by its cover. The film was purchased by distributors for a very good amount and the all india selling was 30cr theatrical (domestic). But the film had below average reactions from public and failed to collect much after a good opening. The film had share of 24cr only and gave losses nearly 20% to all india distributors.

2. BBUDAH HOGA TERA BAAP- Released with Delhi Belly and Transformers, Bbudah Hoga Tera Baap had to suffer from this opposition. Even at single screens, where this film managed 80% business, it was still a low collections and had to face from Murder:2, which released a week after BHTB's release. Also, Double dhamaal which released in preceeding week collected a 8cr which mostly came from single screens. All in all, BHTB suffered a lot!

1. RA.ONE - Heavy promotions can be on both sides- positive and negative. RA.ONE faced negative side of heavy promotions.

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