Friday, 11 November 2011

Sanket's Review: "Bheja Fry 2" is bleary from beginning

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Minisha Lamba, Kay kay Menon, Suresh Menon.

Director: Sagar Ballary

Length: 2.05 hours approximately

What does one expect from “Bheja Fry2”? Of course comedy, because the prequel of this series was such a soft hilarious film which kept us on the laughing tides for long period of time. And the sequel has to match the level set by its senior, which is a tough ask. And BHEJA FRY 2 fails to do the same. It is not a bad film at all, but it raises the expectations because it’s a sequel and thus it is just an ordinary film which has some toppling jokes but only in specific duration.

This film is bleary from the beginning. The way it takes the start you get the right feeling that this won’t be as fried as the last one was. The expectations are complete misconstrue, because when you expects some comedy, you get only subtlety. The film manages too many heavy lessons with soft background score. The lessons aren’t badly delivered; the problem is they are provided in wrong film. You wouldn’t have complained if there were one or two, but they are in buckets. There are laughs of-course, but they remain only in the background of the premise.

Well as we pointed earlier, BHEJA FRY 2 isn’t a bad film. Its just that, its not good. The film provides you some moments to laugh in big roar. Especially the monkey sequence where you can have a blast, and easily the best scene of this movie. Also in first half, when our protagonists arrives in the cruise and meet people from different genre of life, is funny and smooth at your heart. The film also benefits from the buoyant equation that works at time. The chemistry between Kay kay and Vinay definitely raises some good laughs, thanks to good humor. But the chemistry between Minisha and Vinay doesn’t work at all. Especially the final scene which is nothing but a drag! The second half is a let down barring few jokes to be precise. As the film gets unfolded in its second half, it falls from track. The whole Amol Gupte track at the end also have very little to do. The film fails in finale!

There is only one song “Rahi Rahi” at the end of the film, when you are already disappointed, you must have got how the song is. The cinematography is awesome just because the locations are scintillating and they have been well captured. The script and screenplay looks puerile because the earlier script was smarter and more engaging in its sequences.

Vinay Pathak is no doubt the best thing about BHEJA FRY 2. He tries to put everything from his inner quotient. He just does not miss anything he gets to show. How we wish the director had made justice with this man of talent. Kay Kay Menon is superb because he able to bring some laugh out of you with his bad sketched character too. Minisha Lamba looks good, but her acting is just not there. Suresh Menon is fine. Amol Gupte disappoints with his poor acting this time!

BHEJA FRY 2 had some buoyancy which is never expected. Also the director does not manage to bring the jokes like in his earlier ones. But BHEJA FRY 2 is watch-able for some free time to spend. The best way you will enjoy this one will be reducing the hopes from it. Strictly ordinary fare!

Rating- 2/5

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